Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You Show Me Yours

. . . and I'll show you mine. 

Valentine's Day is but a not-so-distant memory, but Love lingers. Stay tuned for the full monty.

Lovely surprises take trips after they're all dressed up, with Katy as their final destination.

Oh, when a limner gets weary of practicing opening-with-finesse, a Swiss Army knife works just fine when she tries a little tenderness.

Then, bing-bing! It's all about open-mouthed, joyful exclamations, and faux protestations of, "Oh, you shouldn't have!" Someone knows me well enough to know that I do love putting on a show for my friends. I prefer shows that attract my beautiful little butterflies! Sowing seeds fulfills my goodbye-winter needs! Thank you, Dear Dodson, D.! Oh, but you got me! You got me good.

To whom much is given, much is expected back. Hence the limner armadillo, who takes up the slack. Okay, he wears natural armored flak. I'm rhymes with time.

All this in one day. I could hardly stand it. *drool*

Isn't she cool? Bet her ladyship never imagined she'd end up being the front for a postcard. That Dodson, D. often gets the best of me. So much good he never reckoned on. One good deed turned into dozens!

Isn't this lovely? Just as pretty as can be! Penmanship does count, as we can plainly see. Thanks some more, Dodson, D.!

I KISSED! I KISS? I "kept it simple sister." Well, it's simple for someone like me. I rode into the hills; the mountains were my aim. 

I missed a birthday. Belated is better than not lated at all.

I like taupe. I used to sell taupe panty hose when I was working my way through college. Such a pretty hand, don't you agree? Thank you, dear Anna, for thinking of me.

Okay. I can scan and post this much while under the influence of a single pain pill. It's all uphill but who's in a hurry. Slow and steady is the pace. Write on! 


  1. I was so worried the "box" wouldn't make it there. Afraid the paper wasn't strong enough.

    1. It had a few dings--mainly the tape. It helps to burnish the strips a bit; when you do they are less prone to peeling away.

      I appreciate the lovely wrapped box. Thank you.

      Is Kim still in the hospital?

  2. I used to WEAR taupe pantyhose when I was working my way through college at IBM! LOL!

    1. Wow. :) IBM. You wore yours in the big league. Taupe was THE color back then, along with Holly Hobby. Or was she Holly Hobbit? LOL. I worked my way up to department head, took a taxi to and from classes and work. I wanted that degree so bad.

      Thanks for sharing your taupe moment. :)

      Mail headed your way within the next 7 days. It took me all day to write two letters. Photos to follow. :)

  3. I used to WEAR taupe pantyhose when I was working my way through college at IBM!! LOL!