Monday, March 25, 2013


We all like quotes, don't we? I do. I even have a book of quotes. Do you ever disagree with them? I do. So why did I buy these cocktail napkins? Well, I bought them for the same reason someone made them. Probably. They are nice conversation starters; but only if you know who Oscar Wilde is. I cannot think of a single title . . . Okay, Dorian Gray. The Picture of Dorian Gray is the first title that popped into mind. That doesn't mean he is right about life being too important to be taken seriously. Life is too important not to be taken seriously half the time. The other half should be fun and light and filled with joy. Writing letters fall into both halves, don't you think? 

I mean, I have been so worried concerned about Patty that life became serious. Then I heard from her and . . . I am not-so-serious with relief now. So, I went to the post office this morning. I began my day in my pajama bottoms and a blouse. I sat in the backyard, basking in sunlight and shivering just a little because the wind was from the great north. It came between the hot Texas sun and my thin paler winter skin. I felt like Goldilocks must have, 'cause it felt just right. I stayed until just after noon--so that means I made it to the post office after noon. Hmm. Funny how I measure time. I wear a watch as an accessory. So.

Such great mail. Lucy, yours was on top. The fancy lacy delight is from Anna. The raspberry colored jazzy one is from Kathleen. The one after is from our Mrs. Duffy. And then there's Susan. Levenger sent a catalog that want to get inside my pocket book big-time. Oh, there was a host of catalogs. Spring. One of the rites of spring used to be receipt of a new Sears, Montgomery Ward and seed catalog.  More on that later, because after lunching with myself, and having y'all to keep me company, I ventured into B&N; when I exited . . . Well, that's a whole other post, but I will say this: I bought a lovely magazine that's published in Dublin. I think. All I know for sure is that it cost £4.99. It is my reward for . . . For relaxing. Patty is in good hands, so I can relax now. I will enjoy it tonight before I sleep.

I am happier too because Susan made it through another winter. Yes! SADD might suck but surviving 'til spring means she's got pluck! Note the sun? Beautiful card it is, Susan. Thank you. And gracias for the tiles! I am surprised that they made it intact. Scrabble is one of my favorite games. My irises have not bloomed yet. Yours are a wonderful substitute. I shared one of my rites of spring with you. Now I'm curious about everyone else's. Read Susan's rite, then please share at least one of yours with me? Another one of mine, aside from eating bushels of asparagus is . . . You tell me yours first! Tonight's menu is bass, asparagus, and roasted red potatoes. *wink*

Time to make dinner. I'm late. JC is patient.

Goodnight. Be well everyone! Be well. Be good to yourself and to others. Write good mail. Spring prevails! Ave! Ave! Ave!


Cut from comments earlier:

HR4 7NE: Such a lovely letter was waiting for me today. Gratitude! Am over the sun because J got the straws.  :) Maybe the other letters will catch up or come back. I have an appointment with the orthopedic specialist on April 1. Hopefully you will hear from me before then.

In fact, I got a handful of lovely mail today, from both boxes! I bought a Freddy burger and had lunch in the Barnes & Noble parking lot. I read my mail while I ate.  :)


  1. Oh my that is such a relief that you got my mail my dear . I just feel throwing those envies that you get with bills away is such a waist and I felt the need to recycle them so I did so and have been doing so for a while now . anyways adieu and Good day my dear lady .

    1. You've saved at least one tree in 365 days. I thank you. :)

  2. I'm glad to read you heard from patty and is is ok. I sent her mail before I left for my trip and I worried about her too.

    1. I hope she is able to read your comments soon. :) We can let go of worry. She had surgery and is on the road to wellness. I'm sure she was happy to get your mail. Thank you for being so thoughtful, Pamela.

      Let's send her a get-well card to let her know we're still thinking of her.