Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Wearin o' the Green!

My great grandfather brought this with him when he fled his native country. We found it this morning when we went through the old trunk that's been lugged around these many generations. Because of this paper, I named my only daughter after the mother country. I named her Erin. And since she hit puberty, her wake-up call has been "Erin go braless!" She hears it on her birthday and on St. Patrick's Day. I called her this morning, and instead of a hello on the other end, she hollered, "Erin gone braless Ma! She's flashing people on the sidewalk below!" I just laughed and said, "Too much green beer last night, eh?"

Okay. Everything you just read is a lie. I thought it was April Fool's Day! How did I totally miss my St. Paddy's Day give-away? I have a storybook for the young 'uns about the lady who swallowed a four leaf clover. I have a little box for the adult winner. Oh, but I am slipping. I missed my Saturday Evening Post. 'Tis a sad day in Katy and Limnerville when I forget the date. Okay again. It's all the pollen and stuff. I am thankful for inhalers and nose sprays and misters (not my mister, but the machine that delivers Albuterol by mist), and inhalation treatments. 

For you. It's from my backyard. I cannot take credit for the blessing:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

My St. Pat's Day card! From the good Randall. I be thankin' ya Randall, lad. I'll have a pint for ya later on up the road at the pub. For real, Katy has a pub. And Houston has a St. Patrick's, and green beer flows like water, and there be much pukin' and such behind closed doors. 

Do you know that blue is the original color associated with the saint? Do you know why the shamrock is associated with him? You do? Well, top o' the afternoon to ya! I have to start dinner.
Hope yours was a Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Replies
    1. Elle! Hey, you! No ma'am. I've never corned beef in me life. LOL. No, we had one of my special dishes, with asparagus on the side.

      How are you? Did you do anything special? I don't even drink beer, so no green draft for me. Oh! I think I saw a leprechaun though.

  2. I was really "green" I worked in the garden all day! Since I am vegan, I of course didn't consume corned beef and cabbage either :) (my little Irish great gran would turn over in her grave to hear me say such a thing!)

    I posted a rather embarrassingly long answer to your question on what men do on Pesach... If you want to pop over and read it. I know the question was presented tongue in cheek, but I gave you a serious answer. Sometimes I do that, I just can't help myself :)

    BTW, Thank you so much for the lovely apis necklace! I love it! What a kind and generous friend you are! I know I owe you a bunch of stuff, letters and such, and I promise I will be sending them soon, but I am swamped until probably after Pesach. But once I have my sanity back I will be sending a return letter and some goodies your way. I will just need to muster my courage to face our grumpy, postal workers with one of the goodies. I know they are going to yell at me and tell me I can't send "that" through the mail and I will have to beg to differ with them. I must confess, that this particular postal offering has been sitting on my art desk since for a year...blanch...(I have faced a jaguar in the dark, in the rainforest, to save our newborn calf, but I am intimidated by my postal clerk... I am ashamed. In truth, I am afraid that they will push me too far and I will show off my rather unruly Irish/Jewish temper. Anyway, I am going to send it to you in the mail. I am. Love you Limner, you are the best! Hugs for now, elle

    1. Elle, long is good. :) And it makes me feel less like a lone ranger. We know how long winded I am. LOL.

      You are very welcome for the bee necklace. I still have most of the lovely Limner postage you made for me. Sorry it took so long for me to find something special I want to make and give.

      I have questions. Expect mail.

      I am sorry to hear that you're treated so unkindly at your post office. The meanies here changed after they learned that some of their jobs are in jeopardy. The shame is not yours. I promise. But. When we accept poor treatment from others, we are basically saying that we deserve it. Girl, I have a wonderful therapist. Turning the other cheek does not mean putting up with disrespect. You might want to remind the meanie that she gets a pay check and benefits because of you.

      The only time I had to undo mail was the time I'd added string to a package. I learned why string is no longer allowed: It makes problems for the "machines." No clerk has ever said no to any of the weird things I've sent through the mail.

      Aw, shucks. I'm the best? Well, so are you! You accept me for who I am. :) I appreciate that and I appreciate you. And, I accept all hugs. :)

      Be well. And thank you, dear Elle.

  3. well my dear I do have a diagnoses i have asthma and thank god for nasal sprays and inhalers as well . This time of year everything really hits everyone hard . Husband is better and he passed his stone just fine and he still had a touch of the stomach bug as well .

    1. Amen to that my friend. I waited an entire lifetime to develop asthma. I think it means I've grown allergic to housework, since dust trumps pollen as a major allergen. I also think that I need to spend more time in the wilderness to build up my immunity. LOL.

      Wouch! I didn't know your mister had stones. Tummy trouble on touch of stones has to be the pits. Glad he's better. Take good care of each other. :) And be well.

    2. Excuse me, but I couldn't help overhearing... :) My son and I have asthma. My son's asthma was very serious when he was younger, but I refused to use the Albuterol and other steroid based inhalers, since they can have some serious side affects,( especially in kids). I used an herbal remedy to control his asthma and it worked miracles for him. Even as serious as his asthma was,he very rarely needed conventional medical intervention. The name of the herbal we used was Yerba Santa, it is a natural bronchial dialator, it comes in tincture form and is taken orally. It works quickly and has no side affects. There are several online sources for it, just Google Yerba Santa. It is sometimes coupled with echinacea, and if you are prone to bronchitis or pneumonia the echinacea would be a plus. I also use the essential oil Red Thyme for emergency relief, it works to open breathing passages by inhaling the vapors straight from the bottle. Aura Casia Essential oils offers a Red Thyme, you can find it at most Natural Food Markets. I hope you don't mind me butting in... I hope you feel better soon!

    3. Comments are always welcome. I lived as holistically as I could before we moved back to Texas. It was difficult to sustain the lifestyle here, but health issues have turned me around. I picked up a copy of Natural Solutions this afternoon and . . . I bought new naturals for a small fortune, but they are worth every cent. I bought new herbs and seeds for the garden. I know that what you recommend works, from experience. I added turmeric tea to my tea cupboard. :) I see the light again Elle. :) Aren't we supposed to help each other in times of need? I believe we are, so thank you. I am eating more raw than cooked. :)

      I will add your recommendations to my natural medicine cabinet.