Thursday, March 28, 2013

Take a Letter Maria

Address it to my life. I'm gonna take it easy. Not gonna write letters tonight. So take a letter Maria. I'm gonna sit here till it's night. Gonna sip a little tea and reassess my life.

This is good tea. I'd meant to try it days ago. I know what turmeric is, yet I have difficulty pronouncing it. My tongue insists on making that U stand out. I like the U. So, turmeric wasn't in my mother's or my grandmother's spice pantry when I was growing up; it wasn't in mine until recently. Ginger yes. Ginger is easy. 

This is good tea. It's good for relaxing. It's good for sipping at my desk while I watch the sun sink into the west--leaving lavender clouds in its wake. The birds have fed and gone to nest. Alexis and his sister are still hard at play. We met at the fence several hours ago.

What's a fair exchange for two fresh strawberries?

A fiery flower . . .

. . . and a spring green D.

I asked Alexis "How was school?" He said it was fine. I asked what he'd learned. He said he was learning shapes. I asked, "Like squares, rectangles and triangles?" He said, "Yes. Like squares, rectangles and triangles."

The letter D. He gave me the letter D. It reminds me of . . .

. . . this awesome B. Thank you, dear Anna. I have something to share about D's and Bs and letters and I'll be back soon. So take a letter Maria. Address it to my life. 



Mail happens!

P.S. There was mail the night before. Which I forgot to mail today.  


  1. You forgot to mail Oh my the world is going to come to a stop because you forgot to mail LOL know i am just kidding . take it easy will be glad to see you back soon . take care dear .

    1. Well, yes, it does stop. Just as Love makes the world go round, the mail must make its appointed rounds to keep my mail world spinning in orbit; and if I stop my flow--well, oh woe. :)

      I read an article in Spirituality & Health Magazine about the effects of . . . Oops. That's material for a future. But, people who have good things to look forward to are happier people. Knowing someone is going to read my mail and write back makes me happy and feeds my creative flow. :)

      Not being able to write freely was the impetus I needed to persist in being proactive about getting my arm working properly. So I thank everyone who remembers to write to me and not write me off because it takes me longer to answer. Lucy, give Charlie Brown the ball now. And be well.