Friday, March 22, 2013

More Show With Less Tell

Katy looks a lot like this. Leonie must be blessed with ESP (early spring prediction). Thanks you! See you in the mail.

I never imagined Paris like this. Thanks Wolfey. I still learn.

I searched for this card. I gave up after two days. I am going to learn how to draw zebras. Thank you, my Anna.

This speaks for itself. Can you imagine writing like this? Randall does because he can. Very pretty! Limner looked so lovely. Thank you, for making me pretty. 

Red sails! Red sails bring to mind the song about red sails and sun sets. Red Rs are cool too. Thanks Rusty.

Red sails, red seals, a red stamp, and a red paper clip.Thanks bunches dear Kathleen. I am looking for a red signature seal for my etegami. Chops, anyone? I think this is simply adorable. Is the top drawing a butterfly, or am I looking as an American? The circular seal is cool too. Nothing happens by accident. Kathleen you are special. You read my mind don't you? 

Check out the real deals. I can dream, but wouldn't you like your own chops? I spent several hours searching for limner. There is no L in the characters. SMH in disappointment. I tried to order a seal made from jade. I'd settle for a traditional rubber stamp. *sigh* Back to practicing my etegami. Write on.

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