Monday, March 11, 2013

Limner's 12 Step Program

The Houston Livestock and Rodeo is going on. I dusted off my cowgirl. She sings, "Let us go-de-o to the rodeo." She makes a sweet card. Although I am a native Texan, I have never gone to one myself. A rodeo. Parades, yes, rodeos, no. I am not big on torturing bulls and horses. I dislike mauling mutton--sheep were not meant to be ridden by young children wearing helmets. I like the big scholarship bucks that come from the livestock young people raise and care for though. 

"She had colorful dreams & happy accidents." There are no accidents. Be happy. I am happiest when I ____________. Fill in the blank. Cutting back on posting is not fun. It makes me unhappy. Good habits are hard to break. I feel lost after twenty-four hours of abstinence. Oh, poor me. 

"Laying Down Limner"

It's not fun, laying down, but making postcards is, which proves . . .

Kathleen Young sent me beautiful copies of quotes that make me feel so much smarter. Mental ads are good for improving life while on the move. Thank you, Kathleen. I plan to be great. 

I found Mr. Zippy last night when I was looking for blank postcards. Do you remember this ad campaign? Yes? That make you . . . " A product of the 60s or the 70s? I Googled the slogan and ended up spending an hour reading some of the results. I forget where I found the fingers and pen but everything seemed to come together as they should. I wish the USPS would issue a black and white stamp. Monochromatic stamps are cool. Note to self: Write a letter suggesting b&w stamps.

This is last night's creation. It's number seven in a series called "Incowgnito." The others are here, but please know that doing a series is more fun than you can imagine. When you come up with your master theme, milk it for all it's worth. Make butter if you must, but just go with it:

Now, here comes the good stuff. I mailed a package to Australia today, to the tune of $22 and some change. Five or six letters went out, and it felt good. I was rewarded with mail. Yes, mail. Good mail. Mail that embarrassed me.

I like horses. When I was sixteen I dated a young man who owned two horses. I liked the horses much better, so when he proposed, I told him we should see other people. Tame horses couldn't drag me up the aisle, so I left town. Lovely images can cause past traumatic episodes to flare up, can't they? Whoa, Nellie!

So, I embarrassed myself in the parking lot. I took my Swiss Army knife and neatly slit the fold in the top of this envelope. I looked down into a sea of white paper. And nothing else.

I did what you would have done first: I turned it over. Aha! Instructions. Directions? Sorry MN. I ruined your lovely creation. Silly me. I should look before I leap, right? I hope I'll get another chance. But, had I not disobeyed, I wouldn't have this little anecdote to share. Thank you.

Step 1: Create something.


  1. Oh yes to the images of conjuring up old memories just like the eiffel tower and images of Paris bring back the memory of a very sweet naval officer that I had the great pleasure of knowing for at least two weeks while in Paris at the ripe old age of 20 ..Ha ! Ha ! 20 oh wow was i ever twenty ? I never saw him in person again I heard from him once or twice but sadly the letters stopped . I found out that he got married and she asked him to stop writing me and I honored her wishes .well Im a little under the weather right now , I sure hope it is not a stomach virus . Can someone say Pepto Bismol is my best friend ? LOL .

    1. LOL! A fling in Paris! How exciting. We should all have such love affairs at least once. You should tell us more. :) Last night I watched "Love in the Time of Cholera." Have you seen it? Now there's "Passion in Paris!"

      I hope your ailment is nothing too serious for Pepto Bismol. Take care of yourself. I'm headed to the backyard for a sun bath. :)

  2. i gotta say I also love the big chicken in the cowboy boots too cute Love it .

    1. LOL! Woman, you make me laugh! Big chicken, indeed! It's nice to know you think she looks cute. :D

  3. I was just looking at an e-mail from Tanglewood Press. She is calling for stamps, real and artistamps for a zine project she is doing. Her request sparked a thought...Have you ever thought of making a set of Berd Atristamps? Your berds are so unique and winsome, and they look great on their white background. They would make a great subject for an artistamp! Nudge, nudge, wink wink :)
    Here is the Tanglewood link if you haven't ever seen her site, I think you would enjoy it. She does some neat projects and has a very playful spin to her crafted things
    Hugs ! elle