Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Empathy & Sympathy Are Kin

Or, maybe the title should be Many Unhappy Returns? This letter made it all the way to north Houston before it boomeranged back to Katy. Wait now, before your assume the worst. Surely it did not come back because of the RETURNED TO SENDER pointer. No, I was smart enough to red-out those words, and left SEND. I added TO. I also wrote, in red, SEND' ER THIS, incase there was cause to question the pointing finger. I even colored the cuff red.  Determined to NOT be dicsouraged, I simply put it in a new envelope, re-addressed it, added new postage and sent it on its merry way. Life is too short for drama if we can help it. Right?

I am not the only person in America who has this little stamp, so will you tell me if it's worked against you when you use it. I also bought a little stamp that says PAST DUE. My favorite postal clerk advised against using it on envelopes because it looks like theirs. I started using it on the letters instead; it's my way of letting the recipient know that it's late--as if they didn't know--as a way of apologizing. 

This day was determined to tie my panties in knots but I wasn't having it. Grin and bear it really does work. I grinned until my teeth dried out. See, I was overcharged at Pier 1 Imports. I also paid half price for a cute pad of stationery, so does that balance things? No. I was overcharged at Michael's. Well, maybe not overcharged but shortchanged. Backing up: I tried to pay cash at Pier 1. Was short by $2. That meant I had to use a credit card because I left my debit card on this desk. Who carries cash any more anyway? Never mind. Rhetorical just patted me on my back and cooed words of empathy and sympathy: Two words that can upright an upside down day. 

Finally checked my evening e-mail. I read an interesting story about a lovely bookseller in Cairo. It's a shame how the misfortune of others can make us feel better about our lives. Again, empathy and sympathy at work. I went to her site, found her address, and I am determined to write to her tonight. I didn't have time to read each of the five pages, so I'm letting my conscience guide me on this one, because I detest oppression. Imagine not being able to sell books because of . . . Well, it's an oft told story that bears being repeated. See what I mean here:

Then I sat down to relax with posts from blogs I subscribe to. First up: http://willows95988.typepad.com/tongue_cheek/2013/03/the-cost-of-shipping-from-france.html. I felt better. Then I felt bad for feeling better. Poor Corey. She just proved again how more alike we are than we are different. Can't we relate? LOL! So, I'm sending her a bushel of good vibes mixed with a little empathy and sympathy. Let us unite, and smile out grumpy postal people. 

A postcard. Etegami. Looks easy. Is not. Watercolor is easier. I made two. Bot turned out equally as odd. Please pretend that it's good if you get one. Thanks in advance.

"Strange Fruit," an envelope. Watercolor. There is no shame in my attempts to revive my watercolor palette after a ten year drought.

What a way to end this post. A handmade envelope from Kathleen.  Such red reminds me of pomegranate juice. 

Write on, 'cause drama is for queens, and I'm a peasant who wears pink boas made with feathers from purple pheasants.


  1. What a fun post full of lost I can relate to. Your water colors are pretty terrific. I am a newbie with that medium, though years ago I did learn to lay in a flat wash. A friend needed some help with production work. I've not had problems with rubber stamps though I there were times when I used faux postal franks & cancellations that I showed my postal clerk that I was using them on faux postage and she laughed and said "Girl, you are so creative!" That was encouraging! PS I love your mail.

    1. mim, you're a gem! :) Thank you. I have new Japanese brushes that need breaking in. I found the sweetest little hors d'oeurve plate that makes the perfect palette, so expect an etegami postcard soon.

      Everyone should have such a postal clerk. Thanks again. I love your mail art. Tiny Town inspired me to try something similar. It didn't work out but that's okay. :) Every day comes with another chance to do something creative. There's such joy in that.

  2. I just love the line a pair of pears make a fine tart that my dear is too precious .It never fails I usually do read a sad story and it makes me feel so much better about my life this is true . Oh well this old dame has got to get some coffee in her take care my dear friend .

    1. :) Two pears are enough to make a tart for JC and me.

      Do you reckon sad stories serve a purpose? You are a wise woman, my friend.

  3. Thanks for the links. I love the "I try to live simply," too. So, so true.

    1. You are welcome. It's nice to know if someone else is interested in something I am interested in.

      I bought the pad because the quote is so relatable. LOL. There was just the one pad. Had there been more a giveaway would be coming up. :)