Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Saturday Morning News Break

I'm supposed to be folding laundry but my conscience insists that I set the record straight. And so I will before I fold another towel. 

In an earlier post, this reporter blogger gave credit to an innocent bystander for a postcard that belongs to someone far far away--on the other side of the world. Mistakes are made when reporting blogging, but fact-checking is a must. I apologize and I retract the credit given erroneously, with  deep sincerity for the goof honest mistake that I made in my enthusiasm.

The kind, sweet, dear Wendy sent me this postcard. I mistakenly gave credit to Pamela. I discovered my mistake last night when I started a thank-you card in return. 

A loss of tail feathers should be atonement enough, don't you think? A Berd cannot be any sorrier than this. Pamela, and Wendy in Australia, am I forgiven?

Sincerely sincere,
reporting for "Oh, Write Me!"
We will resume our normal newscast shortly.

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