Friday, March 8, 2013

A Saturday Evening Post in March

Take one tablet every six hours for pain. It has come to that. I'm sure some of you probably knew things here haven't been very good; my handwriting had to have been a good give-away. It starts off okay then goes crazy as I write on. Some of my letters are riddled with strikethroughs. But, I, like Dodson, D., still write. Why don't I use my word processor? I don't use it for letters because when I do it hurts like heck. Typing with my arm close to my side causes my shoulder to snap, crackle, pop, bump and grind. I blame the anchor! No matter. I saw my good doctor yesterday. There's news, and there's news. Norco takes the edge off. Thank goodness. I have a referral in the works for a visit with the bone doc. Thank goodness again. There's the threat of an implant to deal with. I don't want a metal joint inside my body. Not so good. So I will just have to wait until they can grow my own bone in a petri dish, or on the back of a limner mouse.

Saturday Evening Posts are in my future. I have to get this shoulder and the compressed discs in my neck taken care of or I'll be pecking keys with a  stylus between my teeth. Can you imagine me hitting keys with my tongue? Hmm. Anyway. I had these give-aways planned but I need help. The goodies for adults will be good for a later date but my Bling Girls have been a bit neglected. So stay tuned. Mama's cooking up something. Have a peek.

There are four members. 

We have her.


Her and . . .

(Remember to stay tuned.)
Wait! I sent them a Fancy Nancy book about . . . Guess. 


Mail. Okay, it's a postcard. It's ready. It just needs someone to send it to. It's not too hard to make mail art. Use what's at hand and you're good to go. Lots of mail went out this week, and today. I forgot four letters and left them on the scanner.

See? Lifting my heavy paper trimmer is a pain. But COPIC markers and pencils are a cinch. 

Scanning takes a long time, but it will be worth the wait. Stay tuned. Such good mail is now mine! I need a little help though. Sharon, I need your address. So much mail! My green mail accordion is bulging. Where do I start? With a smash n grab, that's where! Have you tried one? A pen and glue comes with. This one is headed to Australia. And I am headed to bed.

P.S. Tomorrow will be a show and tell. Are shamrocks in your near future? Hmm.


  1. Hope you feel better. Have some goodies from the toy on their way.

    1. Thank you, Dodson, D.. I appreciate the good thought. I have the goodies! Expect thank-you mail any day now. :) I slept with the book under my pillow the first night, thought better of it the next day. I drool and am a pillow puncher. What a beautiful gift.

      I don't do "previously owned" very well, but this one has great vibes. Now I really want my pitching arm back, so that I can use my newest set of watercolors.

      More later.

  2. Limner, you're amazing...all you do with such pain...I am without excuse! I love the colorized pictures. Such things have always tickled my sensibilities.

    1. Dear Mrs. Duffy, you are too kind. I am a product of the military. It works to my detriment on occasion, because working when you shouldn't is foolish. I've damaged my shoulder trying to soldier on. I learned the hard way. Today my neighbor did the front flower bed for me! I let her. I look forward to sharing photos soon. She refused payment until I pulled rank on her. :) Most martyrs soon die. I am not a martyr, and there is no cause to die for just now. :D

      You're a dear. You never get upset when my reply mail is slow in coming. I will see you in the mail real soon. ;)

      I never liked retouched photos when I was a child or even as an adult. I've changed my sensibilities regarding the process since then. Tastes do change, don't they?

  3. Thank you ... always ... for the inspirations!

    1. I am touched. "Thank you" still makes this heart smile. Thank YOU for taking the time to visit, and for hearing me out. I enjoy "listening" to you, and seeing what you see.

  4. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. (Your handwriting always looks beautiful to me tho)

    1. Thank you, dear Pamela. The pain affects my days and nights. There's been little genuine joy in Limnerville of late. I want my arm back. :)

      You're so nice. My vanity drove me back to the doctor. What will I do if I cannot hold a pen or pencil? :) Since I am not a doctor, I cannot justify a scrawl. LOL.

      I appreciate y'all stopping by to say hey.

  5. oh my dear limner I hope you are feeling better soon dear . I wish you well and wow I can only imagine the pain you are in dear . stay well and keep things together . take care dear limner .

    1. Thank you, my friend. I look forward to not whining about my shoulder ever again. I have enough pain medication for 30 days, and I'm obeying orders. :) My neighbor did my flowerbed today, so I no longer have to fret or worry about the homeowner's association threatening me. There's always something to kick a person in the butt just hard enough to make them take a helping hand, huh?

      I took a nat atop my mattress cover the other day because I couldn't put the fitted sheet on the bed. I tried teaching the cats to run the vacuum and dust with their tails but they were still on strike. :) Life can only get better. Right? LOL.

      Have a great weekend.