Saturday, February 9, 2013

Yet Another Saturday Evening Post

EXTRA! EXTRA! HOT OFF THE PRESS SCANNER! I am starting this post off with my daily postcards--singularly created in timely fashion--just for y'all. No proper shading for personal reasons. Doodling doesn't always require proper shading, does it? I like today's Valentine's Day tribute. "Love Notes." Remember those? I was never good at it. Were you? I remember one of my first though. It was from John Chester. I was over the sun and rolling in sweet clover until I rolled into a cow pat. The cow pat was learning he'd gotten Barbara Ann to write my cherished love not for him. Such heartbreak. Why weren't boys like young Shakespeares? Um, why aren't all men? Wow. Now I wonder what young Willie was like with his first love note. He must have been quite good at it considering all those sonnets and such.

Portrait of two children, ca. 1925, Richard Roberts. Richard Samuel Roberts learned photography through books and correspondence courses at the turn of the century, and opened his first studio in Fernandina, Florida. With the assistance of his wife, Wilhelmina, he later opened Roberts' Studio in Columbia, South Carolina. Courtesy of the Wilhelmina Wynn Collection, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox, and Tilden Foundations. Early Black Photographers 1840-1940, edited by Deborah Willis ©1992 The New Press, NY.

My youngest sister is named Wilhelmina. We called her Mina. Some called her Mimi. Erin graduated from Columbia. My, oh my, how we look for co-incidental instances. Eighteen days and counting. I've learned a lot in the first nine days of this year's BHM. 

Do you recall the post about my letter to Freddy's? Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers? I forgot about it and went on writing. I am closer to being up-to-date with my mail. I hope no one is too shocked to hear from me after what might seem like half a lifetime. I wouldn't be surprised if some of you have forgotten who I am, but it's only fair if you do. No matter. I am determined to keep my word. Imagine it: The undertaker can't close the lid on the coffin 'cause I'm still trying to get letters out. Oh, my! We won't mention what might happen in a crematorium. Sounds like Hell, huh? 

Anyhow . . . Boy was I surprised at such a quick reply. JC checked the mail that day. I shuffled through everything that he handed off to me, sorted the real mail from the other stuff, and turned the poser over. Here. See for yourself.

Tell me, how not interesting is this? Curiosity opened it first. Can you see me grinning from here? No? Well, read on.

I tell you! You could have knocked me over with a "Hello!" Such a lovely letter. I laughed out loud real hard when I got to the description of my little postcard. Remember it? Come on now. Remember? No? Well, check the post! Hurry! While the rest of us wait, will y'all check out the way each line slants to the right. I do that too if I'm not careful. It makes this letter all the more precious. Plus, it is handwritten! Yes. A man sent a handwritten response to a patron. He took the time to write to me. Okay, I'm probably the only person to send such mail to Freddy's, but who's counting? *grin* It really is lovely, isn't it? 

I was so excited and pleased that I let JC read it. He scoffs at me and my mission statements on paper. But, please note: Mr. X, I don't want to put his real name out there just yet, but he did not take offense at my criticism. How cool is that? I want to write to the home office and tell them how nice he is. One good response deserves another. Right? 

Wait. It's not over. Read what he said in response to my complaint about the salt, and the prices. You know I'm eating there again. And I will say "less salt, please," before I proudly hand over one of my complimentary coupons. Free. OMG. The squeaky wheel does get the oil. And, it pays to say something nice before you whine express your dissatisfaction. So, I really must call my mama and tell her that she wasn't one hundred percent correct when she told me "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Well, she was correct, in essence. Right? Sometimes, criticism makes things mo' better, but nice makes nice. 

Seriously though. I cared enough to say something. We are not big on fast food, but give me a great veggie burger and I will buy it. Freddy's does a burger proud. So, please enjoy the experience of having a meal there some day soon. I wish I could say "And tell 'em Limner sent ya'," but hey, I'm just a local. Eat on before you write on.

With heart,


P.S. Please, try this at home. Everyone likes mail. Good mail.


  1. I think company's need to hear the negative along with the positive. I write letters a couple of times a year. I definitely like to write a letter when a clerk is especially helpful. Love the postcard!!

    1. Yes, I agree. They tend to be more receptive to criticism when we tell them what they're doing well. Employees need to hear they're doing a good job, especially when customer service is often as rare as unicorns. A recent news story related how customer service reflects how a company treats and pays employees. It's reflected in their poor attitudes to customers. Our favorite bookseller didn't get the raise she'd earned; I know because I overheard another seller consoling her. Well, we gave her a little "bonus" for Christmas. Anonymously. :) She has no idea who "appreciated" her. I didn't write to her supervisor because I didn't want her to get in trouble in case someone thought she was complaining to co-workers. See what happens when you eavesdrop? LOL!

      Do you think I should have written a letter on her behalf? I value input when I'm in doubt. Thanks.

  2. Oh yes my dear Limner everyone likes good mail ,maybe just mail period and yes I want saturday mail too .I dont see how they think that cutting out saturdays mail will save the post office money at all but I guess we shall see huh ? well take care my dear LImner and stay well and am awaiting the next letter from you . Your everloving Lucy ...

    1. phonelady, I admire how you cover a number of topics with a few words, and in the same sentence. Well done. I agree with you about Saturday mail delivery being cut since the post office is open for half the day. It is here, but the employees are busy in the back sorting and whatever, even on Saturdays. Maybe they know something we don't.

      Lucy, I, too am cutting back on mail. I am writing less. I often get three or more letters from one person in the period of a week. I'm just as guilty because I send things I forget, drop notes about previous conversations, or send articles, toons and photos. I even answer half a letter one day, and finish up later in the week. I am trying to stick to a new rule: One letter per person, per month. I am currently answering mail from November and December. See? I really am closer to catching up with myself. :)

      Be well. Ten more weeks! Or is it nine now? I am so happy for you. Will tell you about my garden in the next letter. You are ahead of me!