Saturday, February 2, 2013

This Saturday's Evening Post

I've had quite a week. How about you? No two days are ever alike. It makes life wonderful. So. I've been answering my mail every chance I get. Every day. When I have something to say. Thanks for the questions and for sharing bits of your lives. I'm getting to know you. Getting to know all about you. Getting to kno-o-o-w you! And then there's mail like this. Mail to Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers. Would you have imagined me writing such mail? It surprised me too. Then I took it over the top with the little sticker to the left.

It's a postcard. I had leftover military ephemera laying around after I did Nephew I's scrapbook. He's a Marine but the US Army is part of his story. I kept the combat boots for myself. The background here is from a greasy Freddy's bag. It's totally appropriate. I have food ration coupons left over, bars and stars, and a helmet. Ideas are zipping past even as I write. So. I wrote a message on the back. I commended them for the good they do, and I told them the fries are often too salty. They are overpriced for what they offer as well. They can only do better. Or, I can carry on just as I did before they opened. Have you eaten at a Freddy's? Do you ever write to companies? I do. I owe Bares & Noble a letter after today's visit. Oh. And, I wrote to ex-Secretary of State, Clinton. 

Couldn't bring myself to cover this goodness with address labels, so I used the back for the front, and . . .

. . . took a tip from Patty over at Letter Rip. I used one of the wasteful subscription inserts from a favorite magazine, for the the address label. A little paper tape I keep on hand for taping stuff to my drawing board, a little stamp-n-ink, and I was good to go. That Bearden stamp was the finishing touch. That little sticker to the middle right must be mentioned. So. Mentioned.

In my excitement at having such special mail to read, I didn't pay much attention to the little fleck that fell from my new bag. Until it moved. I screamed. Okay, I probably hollered. Only women in horror movies scream. I just knew I'd brought home a bedbug! An iPad saved this little sister's life. The camera app is superb for those of us who are visually handicapped and cannot put our hands on a pair of glasses or a magnifier in time. She hustled so fast I had trouble shooting her. I exhaled when I recognized her for what she was. I didn't want her in my vegetable garden, so I did not capture and release. I captured and flushed. She might survive the sewer.

Whew! Do you ever need to escape your home? I can stay home for long blocks of days, but then I need to get out. I can't breathe, so I run away for a few hours. No money required, yet hsving a little mad cash on hand can make life easier, since the first place I run to, if not the park, is Barnes & Noble. It's my "Cheers." It's the place I go to when I wanna be where everyone most of them know my name. I bought magazines, a bag, and asked Annie to hold a book for me. More on the bag later.

One Valentine's Day postcard. Everyday Love should be fun and cute, and natural, too, huh? My handmade cards are meant to be. 

Maybe I shouldn't make postcards late at night?  Those Orphan Annie eyes spooked me a little bit. Can you see them?

This one's for my girl. I assembled her first bike. 'Twas a "Yellow Rose of Texas," with training wheels. 

This letter and postcard are from the other day. When I paid not TEN dollars, but a little over $14, to mail two Hershey bars. I was so rattled I forgot to include these with the day's post. I got all riled again when I was what looks like Hershey Boys, but is actually Jersey Boys. 

Heck, this post might run into Sunday evening at this rate. But, I forget where I mailed this little gem. I made it myself! Yea! I've made five. I hope they don't turn the recipients' necks green. I have no idea why this Valentine's Day is taking over my life. Please, enjoy the holiday with me in mind. Well, for a few minutes at least? Thanks in advance.

Last, but not least? My first BHM postcard! 


  1. I love, love, love each piece of this mail! Curious though...was the mail to Freddy's good or bad? It's probably been close to 20 years since I've sent a company a handwritten letter though I do send email now and then.

    1. Thank you thank you thank you, Denise! Well, I consider it good mail. I told them they make the only black bean veggie burger I ever eat. I eat it because it is so good. They serve salt AND pepper in their fries. They give you so many you can't finish them. Their food is cooked while you wait. Now. The fries are a little too salty. A veg burger combo with a small vanilla shake comes to just over ten dollars. The custard is fresh. Not from powdered milk or what ever. Service is so good it's almost scary. :)

      Why do you send companies e-mail?

  2. Hillary 2016--I'm still hoping she may run again.

    1. I hope her health improves. She is the only female who deserves to be president. She has won the right.