Friday, February 8, 2013

This Is No Ordinary Mail

There is no such thing as an ordinary mail day around here. To paraphrase Sade, "This is no ordinary mail." With two mail boxes to keep up with, why, I practically need a secretary seven days a week. Maybe six, since I'd give them Sundays off. Oh, that sounds like something out of Downton Abbey, eh? No, I haven't been watching since the first episode re-aired. How many of you watched Call the Midwife? Hmm? All right then. So . . .

Like the man said, "It's alive! Alive!" No, not Frankenstein, I'm talking about the Wolfey! She's safe and sound. Sounder than I am, by far. She was off gallivanting through Europe. Confession: I just learned that I have misspelled gallivanting all of my spelling and writing life. I spelled it galivanting. Live and learn. Live and learn. With spellcheck. Thanks Wolfey! 

She is "fresh back from Antarctica. Well, imagine that! There's no i in envy, so I'm not. Good for you W.

Oh, goody, goody, look! Birds! Lovely avian beings. Mockingbirds are one of my favorites. They imitate the top ten avian hit songbirds of all time. There's even a song named after them. Remember it? "Moc-king bir-rd. Mockingbird! Everybody have you heard? He's gonna buy me a mockingbird. And if that mockingbird don't sing, he's gonna buy me a diamond ring!" This is from Angela the Jewell. I rooted for those Ravens, Angela. JC bet on the losers. It was a great game. I couldn't help but wonder where Moses was when the lights went out. No, not Moses Malone. *grin* Thank you!

From Christmas, but so lovely in February. I do love a cardinal. And a robin. And a chickadee, and all the rest of the . . . birds. Thanks you again, dear Angela. I haven't put it away yet. 

Look at Max. On the back of a cat. I promise you the cat is smiling and winking. LOL. Thanks, Emilie. Ms Bea was a dear to put up with Max. Thanks to Ms Bea from me. Georgia is so jealous.

"He wore Blue Velvet . . ." No idea why that came to mind just now. I had to turn it because of the bird, you see, so please please please Karen, don't be upset with me.

It's just as lovely this way. It reminds me of a broken bit from the wreath that's in the compost pile, and the root brings to mind fresh spring onions. Really quite lovely. THANK YOU!

And, there is this. It deserves its own post. So stay tuned. Lovely handwriting, eh? All that blue. Blue skies, blue water, blue label. All the blue makes me quite happy.

Twenty days left to Black History Month, and I have not received a single card. I know I'm over-eager, but I'm always that way with firsts. No matter. This is a portrait of a woman, ca. 1920, Arthur Bedou, born in New Orleans. Mr. Bedou is a co-founder of the People's Life Insurance Company of Louisiana and an active artist and journalist.

I forgot to take a photo of today's Valentine before I mailed them. Give me an hour or so and I'll draw a new one. Until then, write on.

My funny little valentine.

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