Thursday, February 28, 2013

The African American Heritage Ball is Over?

After the ball is over,
After the break of morn,
After the dancers' leaving,
After the stars are gone,
Many a heart is aching,
If you could read them all;
Many the notes and postcards that have vanished
After Limner's Black Heritage Ball.

My lovely Heritage Ball is winding down. The sun has set, I'm sad and yet, it wasn't all bad. I learned much more than some will ever know. And so, I holler, "On with the show!" Cause it ain't over 'til the black lady sings!

"After the ball was over, Bonnie took out her glass eye,
Put her false teeth in the water, hung up her wig to dry;
Placed her false arm on the table, laid her false leg on the chair;
After the party was over, Bonnie was only half there!"

"Madonna and Child," ca. 1930, James Latimer Allen. In the 1930s Alain Locke described James Latimer Allen as "by far the most outstanding and promising young Negro in this modern field of growing importance--art photography." Allen became interested in photography while still in graduate school, and soon became skilled at both commercial and artistic work. He published widely, and was well-known for his portraits of Harlem Renaissance figures, including Locke, Countee Cullen, Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, and Arthur Schomburg.
This is the favorite from my collection. It is my keeper. I will mat, frame, and hang it. What would we be without mothers?

I offer special thanks to everyone who celebrated, created, and learned right along with me. We did it. For 28 days. And, if anyone should ever write my life story; for what ever reason there might be. You'll be there, amid each paragraph about letters and mail stories. 'Cause you're the best. You're simply the best! Better than anyone . . . Oops. Wrong song. You get what I mean though, right?
Thank you. It's been real.


If I am ever this lazy, I hope I don't know it. This is our future? This is a sample of tomorrow's great thinkers and inventors? 


  1. lazy indeed .. My dear Lady you hit the nail on the head and yes feeling much better , got your nice letter today . Now our plan is to pay off most of our credit card because we are going to need it probably to finanace the move but that is okay . that will get us there .you see I learned from someone a long time ago have a backup plan . Anyways I hope you enjoy your return letter . take care my dear lady and enjoy your weekend coming up .

    1. That has to one of the most foolish ideas ever. Think of all those "carbon tire tracks" left in the wake of those who come to scan mail. ;)

      See? Didn't I tell you everything happens for a reason? You'll have a larger lining for your nest egg in a year. :)

      Thanks, and back atcha. I've been enjoying the morning sun. It's warmer outside than inside.

      Be good. :)