Tuesday, February 12, 2013

State of My Union Address

My state is somewhat questionable. My address remains the same. So are my intentions. Twelve days and counting. I have sixteen days left in which I am determined to do two-a-day for twenty-eight. I'm really reaching tonight. Not for lack of material, but for time. I spend most of my creative hours scanning gems for upcoming posts. There are so many to choose from.

This envelope goes way back; to when I won a lovely give-away. I toss nothing. Thanks again Henderica. http://vixen-mail.blogspot.com.

This is on the back. I like it. Mail to the future, indeed. Paper planes? For real.

The lovely work of a fellow artist still hangs from my handmade cork board. Thank you Kaylee. I like your signature too.

Today's Valentine postcard. Unadorned for now. But it's printed, cut, and ready for the finishing touch.

Today's BHM postcard. Croquet under the great oak tree, Mississippi, ca. 1930, Arthur Bedou. We played croquet when I was a girl. I never learned the rules, but allowed my cousin to make up the rules that favored her winning. My book of postcards is rather anorexic now. So I hope I won't have to dig through my paper cellar for more. 

And, last but not least, I offer you this gem. Thank you, Denise. The eyes rattle when I move the card! LOL. Into each life a little rain must fall. And gold fish must swim. It rained in Katy today. No gold fish appeared though. *sigh* Shaking my card again. *grin*

More mail went out. More to write. 



  1. I love that fish! It made me laugh and reminded me of how we used to decorate my boss's calendar when I worked at the bookstore.

    1. Seeing it here still makes me laugh. I feel a little silly since I am in a waiting room. Too bad these eyes don't rattle. :D

      Now I want to hear more about your boss's calendar. :)