Friday, February 1, 2013

She Loves Me?

Hoping for a declaration of Love, yet afraid to open his mailbox, Frank wonders, "Does she love me? Does she love me not?" Um, don't ask me to explain the sturdy branch on the smaller one. Artistic license allows me to get away with a lot. So . . .

February One. And, so it has begun. She loves me? She loves me not? He loves me. He loves me not. I think I finished my Valentine's Day cards last night. I did a bit of research and discovered that we might as well be looked upon as a bunch of pagans, since we celebrate just about every one of their holidays. Count me in. Those pagans were smart. 

Sheesh Louish. Seriously. Google St. Valentine. He might not even be real. But Esther Howland is known as the "Mother of the Valentine." Check her out if you doubt. I believe she was a scrapbooking, crafter and card maker way back when. Bet she embellished her letters even.

I am committed to a card a day. That's a lot of drawing but I can do 28 days. Hmm. Should I not count Sundays? Aha! I will do envelopes on Sundays since I cannot mail anything on those days. I must confess: I need to use my COPIC markers before they evaporate. Some of them look weak. They're $8 each, so no way can I afford to let them go to waste. I use them sparingly when I do, because they are expensive. What's a limner to do? Use them! 

Now I can send a whole bunch of Valentines. How about you? Are you buying, making your own, or ignoring the day? You love me? You love me not?



  1. I'm making some Valentines....I don't like the forced gaiety of the day and all the expectations some people have but on the other hand it is kind of fun and see people rushing around with flowers and wearing red and smiling....and who doesn't like mail????

    1. Yea! Creativity is good for the brain. :)

      I'm doing postcards for Black History Month as well. :D

      When are you going to mail yours? I'm sending out wave one tomorrow. Am excited. Valentines aren't just for lovers. They were exchanged between friends too, back in the day.