Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Penned Again

Something fun: I wrote a single letter last night. You have no idea how proud that makes me. Maybe I am not addicted after all. Yeah. Yes. And yea. I didn't mail it today because I put two $1.05 stamps on 'cause I wasn't paying attention. One needed to be eased off the envelope, but I was in a hurry for my appointment. See, I spent too much time with Draw Something. Talk about an addiction. Do you play? Fun, fun, fun! Do you know what I mean? My letter will go out tomorrow, along with what ever gets penned tonight; God willing and the Mayde Creek don't rise.  

What a day I've had. There's just enough time left for a quick post. Good habits have to be nurtured, so here I go. 

Something new: Yesterday I bought a . . . I bought a letter opener. It cost $1.99. Yes, I nicked myself. I am not trusted with sharp objects when Erin is home. I think I have a fetish for sharp cutting tools. "The sharper the knife, the less you cry." Who said that? I cried out when I nicked myself on the serrated edge here. Okay, it's a grapefruit knife, but it's a nice, inexpensive letter opener. 

Something borrowed: Thanks for the idea Karen.

Something blue. Blue-ish? No, it qualifies as blue. Had to put on my glasses. I like this so much! Thank you, Anna. You colored it! :) Bet that was fun. I have crayons too.

BHM image #20: A rural church and its members, ca. 1900, Arthur Macbeth. The church has been the heart and life blood of many communities. I just noticed the two crosses. The windows are beautiful. The chimney? Wood stove? See the window near the ground? There's a basement? And rain gutters. The ladies' outfits remind me of Nanny McPhee. 

Eight days left. 

About that grapefruit knife? I do like it, but adhesive stuck to the blade, and it left envelope dust on my lap. I couldn't test it today because there wasn't any new mail. I suppose I could lick moisten and glue shut one of my own envelopes, and give it a try, but I'd rather put a letter in it. No way can I return it. 

P.S. I keep it in my desk drawer. 


  1. Love the fish rubber stamp I hope when you get my letter you like what I put in it .... shhs it is a secret but hope it gets there soon .

    1. LOL! Isn't it cute? Sealed with a fish. I like that. :)

      Turn-about is fair. :) I like secrets.

  2. it is his job it stinks and he is still trying to get the transfer and here another week is gone and we are still trying to get people on the phone to see if it is a go or not we are in limbo , we cannot reserve anything until we find out he has a position waiting for him if he cant get a position we are stuck here for another year and another winter where I run the risk of getting sick again , I really dont want to run that risk again ... Im so over fighting for everything we try to get . we are going to try to get them on the phone again on monday . Im simply tired of the runaround and so is my husband ... hopefully something will work on Monday ugh just pray for me cause I dont know how much more they are going to put us through . thanks for asking . I will keep praying about it .

    1. My dear friend, I have one thing to offer here: Be still.

      We must let go of things we cannot change. All your stress and worry hasn't changed a thing, has it? Worry never never climbed a hill. Worry never paid a bill. Remember?

      Since childhood I have always wanted to know the why of a poser. I believe everything happens for a reason. Well guess what. I found a book with the same title. It's written by Mira Kirshensbaum. I'm on page 56, and it all makes sense.

      I have also learned that when I talk to God, I must remember to listen for his answer.

      A letter to follow. Peace. Let your blood pressure readjust itself. De-stress. Look in the mirror. And smile.

      Be well. Next winter isn't even here yet, my sister. ;)

      I love you.