Saturday, February 16, 2013

Part Two of a Two Parter

Yes, St. Valentine's Day is over. This post is a hangover. It is part two of a two parter. It is also a salute of sorts. It marks a milestone. It is my badge to a job well done! Yea! I made a Valentine card a day for fourteen *gasp* NO! fifteen days! And, it tells little story as well. Sort of.

See? I had February left over from a year of months, so I could not let it languish into March, since that month is all about green. When I was putting away my February materials, I saw the jar. I could not bring myself to shut it away in darkness . So I didn't. There was the burlap from years ago. Rescued1 The scalloped polkadots, the letters, the pink heart . . . Things just fell into place.

I knew what I'd say even before I'd gathered the scissors, the glue, and discarded the sticker that says "I Love You." The jar is half full. My milk bottle bank is almost filled to the brim. It'd been a cup runneth over kind of day. The little jar here represents my "savings account."  My Love Savings Account. It's what's left after Valentine's Day. It is never empty. Just because.

I have twelve days left in this Black Heritage Month. Still and all, I have managed to send a postcard-a-day to celebrate. I wish I'd made more cards to honor Dr. King, because he included women in his fight for basic rights. I have worked as hard as, and often harder than some men, and for my work I received equal pay. I owe him and all those who joined in the fight for equal rights. Thank you Dr. King. 

In honor of women educators everywhere, I post this copy of one of my favorite postcards from the series. White House Conference of the National Women's Council (Mary McLeod Bethune, center, Mary Church Terrell to her right), 1938, Scurlock Studios. 

Mail accumulates. Mail awaits. I write on. It's never too late.


  1. this is always so nice to see your blog on here . I just cannot figure out why oh why my comments are not posting ????

    1. I wonder if we are the only two having problems. Thanks for your persistence. My e-mails are late too so maybe I have server problems.

    2. Oops! Thanks again. You are very kind, my friend. :)