Monday, February 11, 2013

Mystery Solved

Again, I went to the post office. Again, there were no heart stamps to be had. Sold out. Again. The explanation: One customer bought 3,000 stamps for the office. Another wanted 3 rolls of 100. Another customer wanted . . . In a clam shell, they disappear as fast as they come in. Mystery solved. Just like the man said, "That's life." Or, "Ain't that a kick in the head?" Valentine's Day is three away, so I'm good. 

Thirteen pieces of mail went out. My little Teavana bag comes in handy; it held three bulging parcels, an assortment of letters, notes and postcards. If all goes well it will be refilled on Wednesday. I have so much to give away, pass on, share, get rid of . . . I could have a give-away a day, but just giving things is easier. I'll miss the postcards though. Y'all are so creative. 

This will be a memorable February. I couldn't enjoy it more if it were my last. So, I'm making the most of it. I made five more of these. The others are drying. No two are alike. I am excited to show you what's coming, so stay tuned. Today's sky is a warm dull gray that matches the markers I use for shading. I can hardly separate the doves on the fence from the actual fence. They want dinner early. Is there a storm brewing? 

Do you wonder why I have these? No, they are not for the child in me. Erin gave them to me. They were meant for Nephew II, but he has outgrown them, so I am giving them to someone who might get a kick out of . . . Some parent is going to dislike me with mucho gusto. I considered giving them to Nephew I's girls, but their younger brother would feel left out, so the obvious solution is to give them to someone with two children, or even an only. Ha-ha! Only this limner knows where the gift goes! Company reps give E fun stuff, and it's not always food related; she shares with me, and I share, when I'm not too selfish.

Note: Supervised usage will help keep frayed nerves to a minimum. Or, you could get in on the fun. There are TWO sets. I remember the time when Erin and I would have had so much fun with these. Oh, those were the days. Drug reps always gave us goodies and I'd give the fun ones to my girl. The most memorable was a thick colorful post it notes burger.  

Lucy is so smart. And she's just a girl. 
I must confess. I am smart. 
And I am a woman. 

I am smart enough to buy this cute robot ant for my grandkitten, Chloe. Chloe terrorizes poor Erin most days. She has a thing for her bras. She likes to knead Erin's hair. Then she bites it. Chloe is home alone all day, and she needs exercise to help her wind down at night. My confession: I want this for myself. I opened the complicated packaging and I "played" with it on the kitchen counter. I laughed! I watched it go-go-go! It backs up better than any robot has the right to know how. Heck, it backs up better than I back up the Honda. It skitters. That's the word. It skitters like crazy and does the unexpected. Aw, heck, I wish I had two. It doesn't look like an ant does it? More like a crawfish. How is this mail related? Well, it goes out in Wednesday's mail. It is a HEX BUG. The one bug you won't mind having, and it does not require harmful insecticides. To "get rid of it?" Simply turn the tiny switch.

Moving on.

Portrait of a man, ca. 1865, James Presley Ball and Alexander Thomas. Alexander Thomas joined in partnership with James Ball in Ball's Cincinnati, Ohio studio, formerly called "Ball's Daguerrean Gallery of the West. The new Ball and Thomas studio photographed white society of Cincinnati. Ball, who had been taught by black photographer, John B. Bailey, eventually returned east to study photography further. In the early 1870s he settled in Helena, Montana, with his son, and photographed blacks who migrated west. 

This is the front of today's Valentine postcard.  The tissues are called "Swankie Hankies." Isn't mail fun? Even on a dull gray day?

I wish you could see how this glitters and shines, but the sun won't come out and play. So, I'll call it a day. Thanks Rusty! "Hey," back at you! 

8:26 PM:  A very nice story about the power of a letter:


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it but more than a little embarrassed I managed to misspell your name. Oops!! Sorry. It's the same problem I have when I do calligraphy :) I suddenly find myself leaving out letters... how did I miss that?!

  2. it is been far too long since i have stopped by your blog...apologies...may you be surrounded in love on thursday and all of your days...hope you got the stamps!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. I enjoy making them. I made 10 to give away for Valentine's Day. Perhaps I should offer one as the prize in a giveaway?

  4. Love the necklace!

    One of my favorite photographers is James van der ZEE who photographed in Harlem way back in the day. Yes, before my time. I have a couple of his books and love his work. Surely you've heard of him but I thought I'd mention it.

    1. Thanks! Okay, now I really must offer one as a giveaway.

      Mr. Van der Zee is a favorite photographer. I, too, have at least one of his books and several copies of some of his postcards. I recently discovered an amazing Jewish photographer, whose single image brought tears to my eyes. Most of his work was destroyed during the Holocaust, but what remains transcends time.

      Thanks for mentioning Mr. Van der Zee. He died in the 80s. Gordon Parks is another photographer I admire. And I admire you even more.

    2. well...aren't you nice? And I like Gordon Parks too....