Monday, February 4, 2013

My First Valentine

Time to show and tell. My first valentine shines! My name is flocked. Yes, you heard me, er, read me. It's flocked. I give in to the impulse every time, and run my fingers over the letters when I pick it up. Thank you Cynthia! How'd you do that? Do you have a Cricut too? 

The back is just as sweet. I used my Swiss Army knife to open the envelope. The paper whimpers to be skimmed with ones fingertips. Beautiful, sensory friendly, and that winged darling with the rose? They all cry out for dynamic prose to limn their loveliness. Alack and today, this limner is a little blue bordering on gray. Blue, yes, but not as blue as the thunderclouds that hover in the not-so-distant sky. Since I'm no poet, and yes, I know it, I defer to Cynthia, here:

So I wrote this little ditty,
To send you love from the Windy City.

What comes before is personal. 

Bet you wondered when I'd get to the grit, huh? Well, here it is! Isn't it sweet and charming, unique, rather disarming, cute and . . .
and . . . just everything? I have been smitten, smote, and please, don't quote me on this, but it's the cutest little card I've gotten since  Erin used crayons, I reckon. Oh! And I have the stamp that says the same thing. Cynthia, you are too good! Another Oh! I have a cousin named Cynthia. 

You show me yours 'cause I showed you mine? My card has die cuts, embossing, nubbly paper . . . It's from 

Meri go  Round
P.O. Box 954
Belmont, CA 94002

Thank you, dear Cynthia. Yours makes the one I made for you shine even brighter. It felt a like the pauperess in my story of the princess and the pauperess, when I opened your lovely offering. So I gave it a little pep talk, and it's grinning again. No Moan-day mail went out today. I'm not in the mood to drive. If not tomorrow, then Wednesday for sure. Until then? Write on.

Oh! And, there's this. When I can't sleep I make hay while the moon shines. Hey. Moonshine. No. It reeks of self-medicating. I'll stick with my scissors and glue. Let us celebrate Black History Month. I felt like a kidnapper making a ransom letter on a postcard. Which reminded me of this . . .

I forget when I bought this kit, but before you groan, let me state my case. I try to buy mail related products, to encourage merchants to stock more. Now, I'm not sure if kidnappers need help, but yes, I can cut words from magazines and newspapers. I can glue the letters onto paper, but . . . And it's a big but: BLACKMAIL saves me from having to do all that. Plus it arranges the letters easily and conveniently on a page. *grin* I get two more postcards, another blank card AND another envelope. For how much? Well, that's for me to know. *cackling* It was the last one. Wonder why the "suck uk©?" Hmm.

There's serious weather developing right before my window. The blue thundercats thunderclouds moved over my head, but not before dumping a quart of rain on the roof. Now the birds are flying into an ominous gray formation the size of Katy. Lord, the birds are fleeing. Half the sky is gray. Half the sky is blue, has white fluffy clouds, and the sun is shining to beat the band. No wonder my internal mechanisms are off kilter.

Haven't eaten today. Therein crouches the problem. 


  1. Oh!!! That typewriter Valentine rocks!!! I am jealous!!! I want one too.

    1. You jealous of me? Girl, stop playing. LOL! I like everything about it. The envelope feels so good.

  2. Fun post- I NEED to get some of those Blackmail stickers.

    1. LOL. Just noticed they're called black mail. I went for kidnapper letters. Wonder what Freud would say about that?

      Now I wonder who came up with the idea of cutting letters for ransom and blackmail? Someone who couldn't write?

      I'd send you a pack but I bought the last one. Sorry. :(

  3. What a cute Valentine! Also, I'm so glad I found your blog, I love it! :)


    1. Cynthia has good taste, yes? I'd have bought it too, if I'd seen it. LOL.

      Aww, thank you. I checked you out too. :) I follow you now! Great job. Cute yellow mail slot.

  4. Adorable Valentine Card, can never go wrong with a typewriter!

    1. :) I wish they'd made red typewriters when I had typing classes. I'd be a better typist if they did. Okay, probably not. I mailed the card yesterday.

      Thanks for stopping by. :)