Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm a Mail Watcher

Yes. I'm a mail watcher. I'm a mail watcher, watching mail go by. My, my, my. I'm a mail watcher. Here comes some now! Sing it with me now!

Hello there, mail
My, my, but you do look swell
Could you please come 
A little faster

I wonder if you know
That you're putting on a show
Could you please come
A little closer

I'm a mail watcher
I'm a mail watcher
Watchin' mail go by
My, my, my

I'm a mail watcher
I'm a mail watcher
Here comes comes now
Mmm, mmm, mmm.

I watched this stack grow each night before lights-out. I felt such pride each time I added to my Answered box. It made me a mail watcher. Right? I wish I'd paid more attention to what I put in my Out box. In truth, I answered 54+ pieces. Yes, there are 54 lovely pieces of mail here. Some didn't make the photo shoot because they are in hiding out in one of my stash boxes, or they're in the scan folder. Wow. 54. 54. 5+4 = 9. And, 9x9 = 54. Then, 5-4=1. And, one is the loveliest number there can ever be. If you are me. I write one letter at a time. 

This is mail that needs answering. Yea! Two tabs full. That's not all. It's just what I've managed to tidy up from my nightstand, stationery box, desk drawer, bag, two books, and my book bag. I might need to check my wallet too.

Here's a fuzzy bird's eye view.
I'm a mail watcher.

 Here comes more now. No mail run today, so five pieces wait to go. I'm makin' mail to go bye. Cause I'm a mail watcher. (Groan with me.) "Three and a Half Men" is on tv. Background noise. Sam's Club sent me a check for .30. A refund. I got mail.

This is the stylus I gave JC for Christmas. He needed a new disc, so he ordered six.

Here they are.

You deserve a close-up.

They came in this big assed box. Such a waste, yes? They are the wrong discs. I believe in writing a letter when a letter is called for, but sometimes you need to write an e-mail. It's quicker. So I wrote to the company I purchased the stylus from. 

They were on it. They were all over it, in fact. They were in contact with me throughout the day. Someone sent me two photos to choose from, just to make sure I knew which one I needed. Adonit is sending replacement discs, and I received an e-mail that let me know they'd been dropped in the mail. There's no word regarding returning the other discs. What would you do? Would you return them? Would you keep them? Would you send a thank-you note with advice about not sending a cannon to kill a gnat? I'm not sure that Adonit is at fault since the order came through Amazon. Okay. Amazon gets a letter. If you ever need a great stylus, remember Adonit. Their Jot Pro does what my first favorite, Bamboo doesn't, and Ten One's stylus cannot do, although the guy at Ten One answered my e-mail, AND allowed me to return their stylus! 

Customer service is returning to America. One letter at a time. Or, maybe it never left? Have you written about your discontent recently? BTW, I wrote a thank-you note to Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers. 

And . . .

I have decided to keep this postcard. I'll tell you why tomorrow. Until then? Write on people! Write on. Watch some mail go by.


  1. I had to google the band on that post card. I like music of that era but couldn't find a sound clip.

    1. So did I. My problem was remembering words to the lyrics, beyond "I'm a girl watcher." :) Such a funny name for the band. Not sure I was familiar with the group; it's their only song I recall.

      I just got a speeding ticket. A first. :) Had no idea what to do. Now my record is tarnished. :(

    2. Werd. I just googled the title song again to watch the YouTube videos. What I discovered blew away my toupee. The O'Kaysions were not a black band. Who knew? Wow. Other commenters echoed my own shock/surprise. Live and learn. I hope you can see at least one of the videos. Now I must find out if they were a one-hit-woneder or not.

      Thanks for you comment. It led me to new knowledge.

  2. How much were you speeding by ? I got one once I went to court over it , it was like two miles over and the judge asked the cop , "are you kidding me ? you must have been desperate . LOL. So Im standing here for about ten mins while the judge and the cop have it out right there in the courtroom . Then i heard case dismissed and i was jumping for joy . Go fight it my dear charlie brown limner elsewise dear your auto insurance will go up now . Anytime i am told you get a ticket now you will have higher insurance rates and you license will have points on it .well i hope you do go and fight it . dog gone tickets ...

    1. Lucy, I'm in shock now. So many emotions to get through. Disbelief, humor, a little pride . . . No, not pride, but something else. JC and Erin said ,"Frame it." Erin said "Take a photo of you with the ticket and frame it." I said "Darn tooting." Now I'm . . . I'm sober I suppose. I've taken great satisfaction in never having been ticketed. I'm a great driver. In Texas if you rear end someone it's automatically your fault. I ran into a 16 year old once. It was unavoidable. He got the ticket. He was speeding and pulled in front of me. My uncle Kelly was killed in an auto accident. He was the middle passenger in the front seat, and a drunk driver struck the car from the rear. I have a cousin who was run over. He lives with a limp. I saw a pedestrian stuck by a bus. I have been conscious of the rules of the road my entire life. Today was predicted. I'll tell you more later. I haven't had dinner. Haven't cooked dinner either. Don't feel like going out. Time to order artichoke, mushroom, and green olive pizza. JC creates his own. :)

      Am glad you beat the ticket. Truth is, I don't think I was speeding. Cars were passing me, kids were out of school, I was near the first school, so I am always doing 30 and then 20 mph. If my insurance goes up, I will write them a letter asking why I never received a check for never having gotten a ticket or caused an accident. There is a way out of losing points or what ever happens, but I have to think about it. Funny thing: I had no idea what to do when he flashed me. I thought he was clearing traffic for another wide load. It took me forever to . . . I'll tell you about it later. This comment is too long. :)