Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Never Entertained the Thought

Remember me telling you about the young man who asked for his &^%$& back after he saw the sticker price? Remember? He wanted to mail a little toy to Japan. Used to cost $5. That day they wanted $10. Well, I did the same thing. Today. I should have done it that day, but I said, "My friend is worth it." Foolish, foolish, foolish! My friend would not want me to pay $14 for two bars of chocolate.Well, this day I refused. My paperwork was returned. The unused postage was affixed to the receipt, along with an explanation, and placed in a drawer. 


I had so much fun boosting that envelope. Such a waste. What's inside weighs less than a candy bar. I ate the enclosed chocolate bar. I wanted her to compare American chocolate to theirs. It even had almonds. Yum. Oh well. I'll save the gift inside until the rates go down or I learn to train international carrier pigeons.

The clerk told me that a young woman paid $30 to send a certain chocolate to her bf who lives in a northern country. He has never eaten one, so she paid the ransom. She didn't want the chocolate to melt. What she sent weighs less than a Hershey's bar. SMH again. What would you have done? Me? I say bf would have to come to America for that treat. Ha! I'm one to talk! 

"Measure twice, cut once." Remember that? "Try, try, then try again." Maybe I should go with, "Third time's the charm." Every once in a while I hit the wall. I cannot seem to draw a straight line. This is that week. I've tried this twice. Both times I failed. You should see the other one. What am I going for? I need an illustration for this:

He kissed me by the garden gate
My mother heard the smack
Sh'd forbidden me to kiss him
So she made me give it back.

Why is the mother pink? Why is one arm larger than the other? Why do their arms look like they belong on a t-rex? And those tails? I see it only half-formed inside my mind. Maybe that's the problem? Oh well. My favorite art teacher told me there'd be days like this. But so many? Pfttt! Valentine's Day looms.

Moving on.       Another sour note. I did something else that I said I wouldn't. I ran away from home again today. Such a beautiful sunshiny day. Archivers is down the way and across the road from the post office. Speaking of days like this, who is in charge of the new hikes in shipping rates? I owe them a letter. I would rather pay a dollar per stamp than stop sending goodies to international friends. Okay. Where was I? Oh. Is it the postmaster general? Now I woner if they have post pfcs, post trainee corporals, majors. Do they all start out as generals? Hmm. 

Oh! Okay. LOL. Here I am. I did the unthinkable. I BOUGHT A VALENTINE'S DAY CARD! After I said I was going handmade. 

Who could resist it though? A red typewriter! Sorry for the glare. The silver doesn't help, but I had to show and tell. Apologies to the recipient, but no one knows who gets it. *wink*

The envelope liner. Cute, huh? It gets even cuter, 'cause I have something special for an inside surprise! You might not believe this, but it was the last one. 'Twas meant to be. Have you seen the VW commercial where the white guy speaks Jamaican? Cracks me up. I'd buy a VW. A red one. We had one when I was in eighth grade. I was crazy for that car. Too young to drive, my dad let me put my hand atop his on the stick shift. I never learned to drive a standard. I did learn that everything happens for a reason though. This little red . . . Ah. It has red shift keys. 'Tis the Fates at work for sure.  

I got me Rosa Parks stamps too! 
Oh, write on, write on!

I forgot.

Harlem street scene with police car, 1938, Morgan and Marvin Smith. Twin brothers Morgan and Marvin had a studio near the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Marvin was also a successful painter and served as Chief Photographer's Mate during WWII. Morgan painted as well, and assisted muralist Vertis Hayes in the WPA Art Program in the 1930s. The brothers studied art in France, started a newspaper picture service, and later worked as sound engineers for local television stations. (The photos from these postcards are made available courtesy of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox, and Tilden Foundations. Edited by Deborah Willis.)

Celebrate Black History. 


  1. One great typewriter card. I know what you mean about the postage and the chocolate bar story. That sort of thing has happened to me many times.
    You might be getting a Valentine from me! But not chocolate.

    1. I can't let it go yet. They think they think they are competing? Well, they have been pretty empty since thee rate hike. I can do business with the UPS store that's closer.

      No chocolate? Aw shucks. :) I'd rather have the valentine.

  2. About 2 years ago I had a pen pal who was (still is) living in Iraq. She posted on her FB that she couldn't get coffee where she lived. Being an avid coffee drinker myself and trying to imagine not having it, I decided to do a random act of kindness. I bought a couple of big bags of beans from Costo along with some tootsie pops and put them in a box. Cost me $50 to ship (more than I paid for the coffee). YIKES! While I wouldn't do that very often, it was worth the smile on her face to see her on FB with a cup of coffee in hand. I don't know ... we only live once. And, I had just received a nice bonus from the firm where I worked so I felt like passin' a little of it on. It took nearly 3 weeks for the coffee & pops to get there. That kind of frosted me. I think we do get better service from UPS, for sure! The one thing I do know for sure is that whatever you send to someone, it is a treasure. Whether it's chocolate or kind words ... keep on doin' it!

    I love your "berds" and honestly I did not notice the pink mom or the short arms. I focused right in on the smooch and the heart.

    That IS a great card you bought!

    1. Thanks for reminding me Susan. I enjoyed reading about your generous spirit. Coffee weighs more. I've mailed books to international destinations. I paid $42 for a book published in New Zealand that wasn't available here. Shipping cost $24 buck for a $20 book, but it was worth it. My friends who get the chocolates get better chocolates than we do. LOL. I mailed two boxes of Cracker Jacks to an expat because I wanted them to have a taste of home. Shipping care packages to my nephew when he was deployed was worth every cent, but the new rates are not justified. The USPS thinks it's bleeding now? Well, today the parking lot was gappy again. Their numbers are lower. I have four packages that will not make it overseas because it is too expensive to mail them. I saw a woman swapping stacks of socks from a box to a softer envelope because the box was heavier. She was mailing them overseas, most likely to someone who really needs socks.

      UPS can teach the USPS a few lessons. JC always uses them and he doesn't mind the cost. I'm what you call frugal. :)

      Aw, thanks for being sweet. I'm a bird watcher, so I feed a group that allow me to observe and get closer each day. I appreciate people finding a little pleasure in my attempts to create. I cannot cook well or draw well when I'm in the dark place. Heck, I can't write then either. I try to laugh though. :) Glad you got the message.

  3. Got my Valentine today. Thank you!!! Those flocked letters are stickers, can you believe that?

    1. :) I broke my word and sent you the sister to the one you gave me. Glad you like it.

      No, I don't think I've ever come across flocked letters. What a nice find. Thank you.