Sunday, February 10, 2013

History in Letters

This is another of my favorites from the Early Black Photograph- ers 1840-1940 collection of postcards. I never fail to imagine that this gentleman is writing a letter to someone instead of probably writing an invoice for his services. You see, the man in question is George Freeman Bragg, D.D., ca. 1910. This portrait was done by Arthur Macbeth. Mr. Macbeth studied at the Avery Normal Institute in Charleston, SC., where he opened his first studio in Charleston in 1885, and in 1910 moved to Baltimore, and set up a business there. He operated a second studio in Norfolk, VA, and his photographs won many awards at regional exhibitions. Macbeth was a motion-picture pioneer as well, inventing the "Macbeth Daylight Projecting Screen" for daytime display of stereopticon and motion-picture systems. He was a member of the Photographer's Association of America, while I, myself, am a member of the National Genealogical Society, among a handful of other organizations. 

I have pored over this image a number of times, and I am still curious and entertained by what I see. Such a pen. Ink well. Wood stove. So much to see. I like the calendar. Am willing to bet I could read it here on my own wall without my glasses. Do you wonder about the photo and headline on the newspaper? Why has the paint chipped away from those desk legs? I shudder at the images that come to mind: Clients either bit down on a leg . . . No. He's a dentist. They couldn't bite and say "ahh" at the same time, so maybe they kicked off bits? No, that's even sillier. Hmm. BRB. Gonna go for my thread counter.

My life is plagued by drama. When the phone rings on a Sunday night, I say a rosary before I answer, and I'm not even Catholic. What follows is a necessary quickie.

Be my Valentine? Not sure I know what it means these days, but I made this for someone I admire. And, since Valentines were exchanged between lovers and friends, well, mine is fine. 

I made this last night for YKW. I hope she gets the humor. It will be mailed along with these . . .

You know the old adage "Measure twice, cut once?" *grin* I bought the band-aids for two purposes: To add to the first aid kit she keeps for the employees, and to add a little art to the moment after the "final cut." Well, maybe not the final, but a little bit of color makes the wound easier to handle, hence my "use fashionably." I know, it's a possible groaner, but they're just for giggles, and fun is where you make it.

Now that I am calmer, I'm off to see if my oldest sister has been admitted to the hospital.



  1. I sit on a little wooden chair similar to the one Mr. Bragg is sitting on. I did wonder about the legs on his writing table too. My Valentine is on the way, I hope it's not late. I had some difficutlties with that and my Black History Month project but they are both in the mail.

    1. {{{Anna}}} Oops! Hope I didn't hug you too hard. :)

      I look forward to anything you send. Thank you. I received a Happy BHM salute from The Angela. Now I have two. Seventeen days and counting!

      I'm doing research for St. Patrick's Day. Must try not to get ahead of myself. :D

      I have questions, but will put them in another letter. I forgot to mention the fact that Mr. Bragg was also a minister. Episcopalian if am not mistaken, hence the clerical collar. Still no suitable explanation for those chair legs. LOL.

  2. Oh my dear limner I just love the birds you draw my dear and also just so you know im praying that your oldest sister is alright and if she was admitted to the hospital it was nothing serious and she is soon to be released . I do so hope that is the case and God bless and oh my was Downton abbey so good last night .. Loved it as always my dear charlie brown have a great evening and a terrific day ...your lucy

    1. My friend, thanks for commenting. I know you miss your birds. I think of you every time I draw one of mine, or . . . Oops! I didn't feed the birds today. How could I forget?

      I found my sister in the ER. She was dehydrated and an IV was being inserted as we spoke on the found. She was treated and released hours later. The good soul who called told me my sister's body was shutting down. Told me her kidneys were failing. I swanee. Some folk do love drama.

      I watched Downton Abbey too! LOL. I'll write to you about it in my next letter. LOL! I am so long winded.

      You know? I often feel like Charlie Brown, with his big head. :D

      Nine days and counting?