Friday, February 22, 2013

Everything & Nothing

A young man swings his partner at a roller dance, Chicago, IL 1941
Photograph by Russell Lee FSA/OWI Collection
Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division

Thank you, kind and thoughtful Emilie. I was so happy when I saw this. Getting a ticket for speeding did not dampen my delight. You helped elevate my spirits, and that is why I include you and four others for buoying me through the rest of my day. I never learned to master roller skates. When I was a girl, a roller-skated for the first time. We we in friend's basement. Betty said no. Naturally I said yes. I left skin from one end of a brick wall to the other. I skated alright. Such memories Emilie! Thank you for the memories too. I didn't give up though. I just never . . . Then came roller blades. Until today I preferred the Honda's four tires. Maybe I was meant to be a walker. No skates. No bike. Ah! Tricycle, yes. Motorcycle, yes, but only as a passenger. I used to be great at long distance walking. Back in my hometown I think I used to walk a mile to get to my grandmother's mail box. John Chester wrote to me one summer. I used her address. So many good memories Emilie. 

Then there's the icing. Icing reminds me of sweet pastries and cake. And tea. Did you know that some British recipes call for eating chocolate? The browns on this stamp remind me of chocolate. I bought these last year. I think I kept one for my collection, but since I'm not sure, thank you one more time, Ms Emilie. I'm not a baseball fan, although I liked playing soft ball. I was so good at it. So, tomorrow's post will be something special, and related to a game I know Dodson, D. likes. 

I have six days left in this Black Heritage Month. I have learned so much in 22 days. I've learned from y'all you. I hope I've shared a little something. The officer who ticked me today is an African American. One thing he said stuck in my head. He said, right before he smiled and walked away, "I might have saved your life by stopping you." I disagreed, but the idea won't go away. I wasn't speeding. JC says everybody speeds. I disagree with him too, but have I sped? before Yes. I have. But not today. And I seldom take the street he cited me on. I drive on a street that is less traveled instead. Why? Because it offers wide open spaces, there are fewer houses, less traffic, and the lakes are beautiful. No idea why I took that route today. I was so happy. I had five letters to read. I had a veg burger on the seat next to my bag. The day was gorgeous. I'm rambling. I only meant to thank you all for the goodness sent to me in the name of heritage. I'm a bit sad because of the ticket. It bothers me deep down inside my solar plexus. So. Goodnight. And write on.

Oops! I forgot.

Mail went out.


  1. Well my goodness I bet that officer says that to everyone , he makes it a habit . I will tell you another take on it too in my next letter since I read this now . Now Im mad at that ticket and that officer . I would have asked him if he said that to everyone he gave a ticket too ? and yes JC not everyone speeds . I dont and I dont expect my husband too while Im in the car.. well rest easy dear Lucy is on the case . LOL .

    1. You are such a Lucy. LOL. You make me laugh no matter what. I hope things work out especially well for you and your husband. I want a picture of your first 'mater sandwich, okay? :)

      JC calls the officer, Officer Friendly, 'cause he was friendly halfway through our encounter. Or maybe he was laughing AT me, and not with me. :D

      I woke with the weight of the world on my shoulders this morning. I asked JC to pick up my prescription for me. An hour later it hit me. No way was I giving in to doubt. So I got in my car, and I drove real far, and I kept on, keeping on. Blondie was the first female rapper I heard of. :) I drove to the post office, to the bakery, to Aron Bros. and came home.

      Thank you, Lucy. :)

  2. Hi! I’m new follower of your blog and would like to invite you to join me at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop:

    I hope you can make it!


    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

    1. Thanks for the invitation but I am not into chicks.

      I couldn't resist. ;) What's a clever chicks blog hop?