Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Disappointment Writ All Over My Face

The news came late. We heard it first just last night. It were writ with feather and ink. Totally in denial, wanting it to be one more scare tactic as part of another fear campaign, we retired for the night to sleep on it. 

The world woke to itself and carried on as usual. Mail went out. Mail came in, and Max came home. Emilie, you really threw the mail clerk who retrieved my parcel. You made his day! He mumbled, " . . . because it's a cereal box" just as he rounded the corner and handed it off to me. People standing behind me craned their necks to see what he meant. I laughed. I had a lighter step on my way out. Max was home, and the box shook. I thought to myself, "Yes, it's gonna be a great day." I opened the box in the car. Max tumbled out! Oh, he's still talking. He had a wonderful adventure. He'll share more tomorrow. Thank you, dear Emilie. Such "sweet" mail. Psst! If you follow Emilie's blog you know who Max's new friend is. 

Heart lines, from Susan over at Freezerburned. That's what I call this. Heart lines. Do you use Clibe? Have you seen the journal named "Lines?" I hope you have. Imagine creating something this detailed and giving it away. Zentangle is amazing. The details, the details, the details. How did you know how much space to leave for my address? And that stamp! LOL. I like that stamp. Thank you, Susan.

I picked up a book Barnes & Noble held for me. I didn't need it since I'd found the book of postcards for BHM, but I felt honor bound. I'm already SADD but some of the photos in the book make me sadder. This photo makes me smile more than I sigh though. Why? I smile because of Max and friend. I want to tell you everything, but not yet. Not yet. Besides, aren't you curious about the little bottle in the upper left corner? You know what it is, right? Aw, I know that you know. Come on. You can tell me. Without Googlng!

This is one of my favorite cards from the postcard book. I can hardly stand to watch the movie she starred in. When I was fifteen I watched it with the woman I babysat for. During one especially heartbreaking scene we turned to each other, all teary eyed, and burst into tears together. We cried clear up to the film's end and through the credits. Erin watches it every year, and she cries as hard as we cried the first time we watched it together. Oh, this is a giveaway moment if there ever was one. 

Send me a postcard with the actresses's name and the first correct guess wins a box of sixteen rose notecards. I'll buy another box for myself. The photo was taken by Addison Scurlock. Better add the movie's name as well. 

Then there's this. I call it "Child's Play." It will be offered in an upcoming giveaway for the Blingers. I meant to host it in December but . . . More on this one later. I am in a giving mood. I have too much stuff. 

And, just for giggles? Maybe to erase the disappointment writ all over my face?

I found this in a sketchpad I want to retire. It's funny. I didn't remember drawing it until way after I discovered it last night. Why? Well, just because, I reckon. Yet disappointment remains writ all over my face.

Now. Here we are, at the end of this post, and I haven't cussed once. I am still upset and disappointed with the USPS because they decided to over-inflate international rates, AND cut mail delivery on Saturdays. They are so incompetent that they want the government to take over their sorry asses on purpose. Haven't we done enough to prove they are wrong? Oh. BTW. This is my e-mail sig : "Two sturdy asses bind the will of man; their names are fear and unbelief." Levi. I'd have it tattooed on the back of my left hand if I wanted. But I don't. 

Dang. Sorry. Today's Valentine. Simple and straightforward, yet personal. I am. And disappointment is writ all over my face. I want my Saturday mail! Don't you?


  1. well now I have no idea who that actress is but I will say my guess would be maureen ohara or lana turner idea of the movie . also wanted to say that bottle is ink caligraphy ink to be exact and love that little box with the stampers and the ink and colored pencils those are just awesome . You rock my dear Limner really do rock and yes I love tomatoe sandwiches wink wink .....LOL

    1. Thank you for trying. :) Glad you like the gift for the young 'uns. I hope to host the give away soon. It's been almost a year since I had the heart to consider them.

      You think I rock! Now that's one for the ages. :D Such a compliment! Thank you, ma'am.

      LOL! I hope it's not too late for my tomatoes. I want another bumper crop. Shall we see who gets to eat the first 'mater sandwich of the year? It has to be from our own garden. Yum. I can taste it now. ;) LOL.

  2. Hummmm...I think the actress is Dorothy Dandridge (if I am spelling that right)...but I could be wrong. I am often wrong but being an Aries I am loathe to admit it.
    And I am seriously peeved about the no-saturday-delivery thing. Do not get me started....
    Valentine out to you tomorrow. maybe that will cheer us up.

    1. Never knew that about Aries. Those born under the sign of the bull are stubborn, although I prefer the term tenacious. I won't say yea or nay to your guess. It has to be on a postcard. Gotcha!

      Our post office is busy on Saturdays as well. The half day meant a lot to folks. Now they have the kiosk but what about people . . . Oh, I forgot. Don't get you started? Girl, someone needs to tie my hands. :)

      I'm mailing a short stack tomorrow as well. Your name is on one. Or two. Maybe? Cheer! :)

  3. I know a Bling Girl that has her eye on a little something in this post!!!! AND......I am sooooo darn mad about the end to Saturday mail....BUT, the good news is, my carrier drops at my house almost 5 hours erlier now.

    1. LOL. I hope to do their give-away soon but no occasion comes to mind just yet.

      How can your carrier get there earlier when they have more mail to distribute? Hmm. I'm still figuring out how many people I can send official complaints to. By official I mean . . . Well. Earnest. :) The "I'm mad as hell" letters are for later. :D