Sunday, February 3, 2013

Black History Postcard Plus


I am on target. It was meant to be. I bought this book of postcards a long time ago. I love photography. I bought postcards before I even had people to send them to. I just held on to them, never suspecting I would have such friends who would feel the way I do. So. I believe that I was meant to find them today. 

I was searching for the Cricut box, you see. I still have it. Hoarding pays. Now I can send it to its new owner, packed in the original box. Am ticked off by the lights going out at the Super Bowl.  

Remember back when I asked if I should offer my Cricut as the prize in a giveaway? Well, Dodson, D. is the only one who responded, so guess who's going to be the proud owner? Not sure how I'll get it to the post office, but . . . Oh. I can wait for JC's day off to mail it. 

Anyway, I saw the postcards when I reached for the Cricut's cord. Oh, yea! Now I can mail a card a day and not have to make them and do the Berd postcards. 

One a day.

The first. 

Tuskegee Institute carpentry students, ca. 1920, C. M. Battery. Mr. Battery won awards in galleries in the US and Europe. He became head of the Photography Division of Alabama's Tuskegee Institute ca. 1916. There's a woman in the photo! No glass ceiling there. Wow. The copyright date is 1992. No matter. I have too much stuff. Who knows if I will be here next year? So, in the name of Love, history, and people . . . I'm getting busy giving it away so Erin won't have to.

Here's my Valentine drawing for day three. I like drawing with the 53 Paper app. I'm getting better at it. Practice makes perfect. I hope you feel the Love that floats out and up when y'all you open your valentines. 

Be well.

Until tomorrow, write on.

P.S. This is disconcerting: When I resized the image on the book's back, I noticed the inversion. Just as I reached out to put it away, I saw the eye. All these years, and . . . SMH in wonder. I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar faces.

Who made the first postcard?


  1. You know what's crazy? I have had a Cricut for two years now. Bought it used from a friend who wasn't using it anymore. It is still in the box, collecting dust. Perhaps I should get it out and see what I can do with it. I just HAD to have it.

    1. Hope you enjoy using it. They make beautiful cards .

  2. I love that app. discovered it at Macworld. EVERY booth that had some type of drawing app/sytlus had this running. Went home and proceeded to purchase all of the modules :)

    I am sending you some info on one of the stylus's I found.. $89 but in my opinion WELL WORTH IT. Pressure sensitive.

    1. I know the stylus you speak of. I use Jot Pro more ofte, use BAMBOO SECOND, and two others that are inferior when in a pinch. :) not sure I want a stylus that needs recharging though, Dodson. Am not that attentive to divas. ;) Thanks though.

    2. That would be the one.. The "touch" version. Have to admit though, it was REALLY cool. the palm rejection was interesting to me. and the pressure sensitivity was very nice.

      I asked the rep there about the charge and they stated a bit over a month per charge. I am quite interested in this one.

      I bought Kaylee a Cosmonaut stylus. She LOVES it.

      Does the disc bother you?

    3. No, the disc doesn't bother me except when it comes off. :) I have two extras. I gave the Pro for stocking stuffers because I like it. The discs are expensive. I'm not good at recharging things when I should. My phone and other electronics attest to it. Vocally. Besides, I cannot justify the expense no matter what.

      Smiles for Kaylee! Glad she has a stylus that fits her hand. :)