Sunday, February 17, 2013

All the Lovely People

I look at all the lovely people. 
I wonder where do they all come from.
I look at all the lovely people . . .

Photographer in a crowd, ca. 1910, Arthur Bedou. He photographed landscapes, portraits, celebrations, and rallies, but he is best known for his work documenting the life of Tuskegee Institute president Booker T. Washington.

Today is my day off, but I'm still committed to my one-a-day Black Heritage Month salute. Heritage matters. Do you know yours? I took a genealogical DNA test. Talk about surprised! My matriarchal lineage is fascinating. I haven't had my brother tested yet. His has to be just as interesting, and would explain all the colors in his facial hair. It's nice how we are all related, don't you think? There's no alien DNA within any of us. 

Happy reading, writing, and remembering. 

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  1. Im sad that today is a postal holiday . well my dear limner today is the d day we will know if we are heading to columbia or not . So pray for me my dear LImner and I have a letter to go out tommorow to you my dear friend . we love you take care my dear charlie brown .