Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Saturday Evening Post

Thank you, Susan. Thanks for the pretty Valentine that caught the eye of the gentleman in the postoffice. I saw it before he did. You rock.

Thanks, Cole. What interesting color combinations. Nice composition. Nice handwriting. You rock.

Dodson, D., you outdid yourself. Major props. Where did you find the plates? Tim Holtz? I used mine but don't recall "BOYS RULE." And the name tags are keepers. I held onto mine for such a long time. 

You went over the top with Homer, the laughter factor. LOL!  Just because he doesn't care doesn't mean he doesn't understand. "Live Life 24/7?" I tried that in my twenties; that's why the new 30s/40s thing never worked for me. *grin* As you can see, I opened the envelope with a key.

OOPS!!! Look what spilled out! Talk about being curious. There's a big C on my forehead. Wow. Where did you get such cool stuff? Those Ls make my mouth water. So many ideas. Such potential. Funny thing about Sunbeam bread. Two nights ago Erin and I talked about how we both tore away the crusts, wadded the bread centers into balls, and nibbled away. She reminisced about bbq sauce turning bread into a soggy river on her paper plate. The best thing to eat with white bread was fried buffalo. Oh, yum! Guess who's hungry. 

Brownie Root Beer sounds vaguely familiar. What's "for veterinary use only? Quaaludes? (Had to look it up?) Turns out I'm wrong. Guess my ignorance shows. What's the name of the horse tranquilizer that . . . Sorry. THANK YOU, DODSON! You rock. I bumped you up the mail pole, but only because I don't want to fall behind again. 

I'm off to see the Wizard. Wizard rhymes with gizzard.

Oops! I did it again.

A handsome gentleman. Decked out in his Sunday best. No, he's not the mister from The Color Purple, but he was my inspiration. Inspiration, like creativity, comes to those who seek it. I halfway borrowed that line. Remember walking your best friend "halfway home"? No matter. "The biggest memories come from the littlest things." Indeed. Today mine came from the photo of an unidentified male. He has a story. The way I tell it, he's middle class. He thinks well of himself. Haughty? Slightly, maybe? I don't think he's married. He's a womanizer. Aha! Why? Because if he had a wife . . . Wait.  I added the alphabet within reaching distance, in case he wants to tell his story on his own. Very well dressed. Hmm. This moment reminds me of a line from Mrs. Minerva, ". . . all minks and no manners."  No matter. So. This is my BHM postcard for the day. I rather like it. Have you created a contribution to the memory?


  1. imagine my delight when I opened my mailbox yesterday and found not one but TWO things from Limner. you are too good to me. I've already repurposed the napkin and it will be on its way back to you after this mail-less holiday. I love that you opened DD's envelope with a key. I tear open the majority of my mail in the car and after mangling too much mail I bought a cheap letter opener to keep in the little pocket on the driver's side door. some would simply learn to show some restraint and patience, but how can a person drive when wonderful envelopes call from the passenger seat "open me! open me!" i ask you?
    (and oh yes, I tore off the crusts and balled up my white bread too. not only was it more delicious, it allowed you to throw little bread balls at your sister or your friends during lunch.)

    1. You remind me of someone I know who is . . . who brings so many things with her when I remember her self.

      Ah. You got it. See? You are a lot like her. Thanks for the president's Day reminder. I forgot to create a postcard for the holiday! Hmm. Is there time? I'm making dinner. :)

      A credit card is a great letter opener in a pinch. I cleaned out my bag and misplaced my Swiss Arm knife. I really must get a spare letter opener. The one I ordered from the metal worker is so grand and artistic, that I have used it twice. Silly but true.

      Yes, again! I have pulled over in convenience store parking lots when I haven't been able to wait after rebuking myself.

      Get out of town! Hahaha. We were not allowed to "play" with our food. I think military kids missed out on a lot of fun things. Betty and I got to pull the "pulley bone" at the dinner table, and that was pretty much it. LOL. I'd buy a loaf of that bread just to toss balls at JC, but he might have me put away. My mother would say, "You're a grown woman! There are starving kids all over the world and you threw bread balls at JC." I'd tell her, "Mother, they wouldn't eat Wonder Bread even if they really were starving. Their mothers would tell the UN relief workers to take it back." It would be on then! She'd call me by my first and middle name, and read me my Biblical rights before she started using "scriptural" words that make me feel small again. Words like "thou shalt not . . ., etc.. :D

  2. MY dearest Limner have you ever watched a movie called Mrs Miniver with Grier Garson ? such a good movie and please do check it out if you ever get a chance. Oh how I do love the movie classic channel such wonderful movies . My fave among many is the one with Audrey Hepburn where she is blind and has a doll full of herion comes into her possession by accident . the name of the movie escapes me right now . Im sorry I really am . But please do watch these movies if you have not watched them before . take care my dear LImner .

    1. Mrs. Miniver (Minever) is the movie I saw. :D It was so-o-o long, but I enjoy it every ten years or so. I am fond of old movies. I never watched the movie with the line about an angel gets its wings until the 90s. Long story, but I watched it every year until it got on my nerves. I liked Clarence more than anyone. :)

      Audrey Hepburn's "Wait Until Dark" was on again recently. "I Remember Mama" is a favorite but her accent waffles enough to grate. Uncle finally married his companion! LOL. Such movies are one more thing we have in common. TCM is the last thing I watch before sleep time.

  3. the name of the audrey hepburn movie is wait until dark and then there is the little known fact and trivia of that Gregory Peck had a crush on Audrey Hepburn and she was married at the time . Men had honor and would not come btwn a marriage at that time . I love that Quote "all minks and no manners ' could be used for quite a few people that come to my mind LOL .. alas my dear Limner I must end here because I dont want to take up too much comment time .

    1. You remembered! Audrey was so thin. Wonder what Mr. Peck saw in her? All beauty and bones. LOL.

      Since when have men had honor? LOL! I fell out of love with jug ears when I learned about his love child with Loretta Young, but then who am I to misjudge?

      You know, the pop stars and "movie stars" of today are pretty much the same today, only they're too sensible to wear mink. Money does not come with breeding. You'd think they'd pay for lessons in etiquette and manners. Dang, Lucy! You make me say the things I think. Stop that. :)

      Comment at will.