Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Saturday Afternoon Post

I did not sleep well last night. No. I meant to say that it took me a really long time to find sleep last night. That citation got to me. I finally called my mother, and guess what. She knew exactly how I felt. Even she found it hard to believe that it was my first ticket. Seems "everyone" gets a ticket. It's a rite of passage to some, but not for me. I want to fight it, but I have better things to do. I suppose. Not letting fear stop me from getting behind the wheel is one of those, so I went to the post office. I forgot to mail two important letters yesterday, and again, that little voice kept urging me to go-go-go. 

Right before I left, JC sent me a text that said, "The man is still handing out tickets in the same spot. His job must be on the line." It's supposed to be a speed trap, because the second you cross the road you are no longer in the 45 mph speed zone. You are in the 30 mph zone, but the sign is a block ahead of you. No matter. Maybe you can fight city hall, and maybe I will, but I want to show you another elephant that sits on my desk. It's much more fun. Cute, huh? It's a pencil sharpener and a paper shredder. For real. 

Remove the top for closer inspection (I always want to know how things work.) and it looks like a mouse on its back. 

Without its top it reminds me of Mr. Snuffleupagus. With tusks. 

Here, it looks like an insect with shiny eyes and a hole in its forehead. A third eye maybe? I haven't tested the pencil sharpener yet. But . . .

The shredder works! Do you have top secrets, receipts, or love letters that you need to destroy? Well, if I were you, I'd eat them, because this shredelephant shreds in small bites. I tell you it's like eating an elephant. My friend, Lisa joked, "You need to cut the evidence before you shred it." I wish I had a kid. Or even a grandkid. They would love me more than their other grand for sure. Since I don't, I get to play by myself.

Oh! So I drove to the postoffice and there was mail! My box was stuffed. My niece sent her uncle and me tees, with her university's logo on front. She wrote to me, "You can rock this!" Hahaha! And for sure I will try. We have been writing to each other since her mother passed. Such great letters. I know she'll be an amazing teacher. The uni isn't that far from Katy, so we're planning a weekend here. She gets to sleep in Erin's room, and if all goes well, I'll do a real English tea for her and Erin, if she, Erin comes home for my birthday. 

I'm saving the mail that came with, for the morrow. I love kids! Sitting here writing, I looked up and saw a repeat of yesterday's "trail ride." Alex loves his horse, his um . . . cowboy hat, and whip.   Since today was "buy someone a cupcake day, I bought three. One was for my friend at Aaron Bros., and I'm glad that I did. She wasn't feeling so hot. Said she was tired. She was as pale as a person can get and not have leukemia. Her eyes lit up, color bloomed in her cheeks, and she grinned when I handed her the little box in a bag. She asked, "For me? Why?" I really must write to Ohh La La and tell the not-so-kind owner how her sweets put smiles on people's faces. Once, I bought a dozen for the guys at the local sandwich shop. Those guys are something else. They huddled over the big box, and as I slipped away, I heard choices being made. Only one guy stopped to ask, "Do you work there? Is that why you gave us . . . Oh! I want a German chocolate." 

Back to Alex, from next door. I gave him a red velvet cup cake just minutes ago. I saw him over the top of my MacBook. Unsure as to how I'd get it over the fence, he pulled back a slat, and presto! There he was. When I said, "How did that happen?" he replied, "It broked." His lips were Kelly Green. He explained that too. He'd eaten a green candy. Here's how it went from there:

Me: Do you like cupcakes?
Him: *nod*
Me: Run and ask your mom if you may have a cupcake.
Him: She's not home.
Me: Who's home with you?
Him: My dad.
Me: Ask your dad if you may have a cupcake. 

All I saw was his "cowboy" hat flying behind him. In the end I got a hug, a thank you, and a "yum" when he licked a fingertip worth of frosting. 

You may wonder what all this has to do with mail. Well, my posts are like open letters. Blogging sure saves on postage, huh? 

Then there's this. Remember Richard Dawson? I liked Richard. He's one of the first Brits I genuinely didn't mind invading America. Well, I'm taking a survey here, and at the end I get to say, in Richard's voice . . . What? The right answer gets you something in return. So here goes:

Do you recall the episode from Roseanne when she asks her mother how old she feels, and Bev answers, "I'm 62."? Roseanne wants her to say she feels like she's mentally younger, but Bev insists she's as old as she is. And she asks why she should want to be anything else. Well, will you answer this question for me?  Simply leave your answer and share with us why you feel you're that number. The best answer deserves something good. No, it won't be a "You're simply the best!" tee shirt. So, game on?

Then, if you can guess my "brain age" you get an even greater prize. That Satchel was a thinker, was he not? 

Write on.


  1. I absoloutly adore the elephant sharpener and shredder .. that is just awesome Love it . thanks for posting it . I do hope you fight that ticket or if you dont , please dont let it keep bothering you . this fellow might have a penchant for writing tickets you know ? oh well have a great weekend . take care my dear charlie brown ..

    1. Yea! You like him too. Or maybe it's a her. I'll have to check. :)

      Expect mail soon. I have something to tell you. ;)

      I hope I have let the negative impact go, but sometimes feelings pop up like whack-a-moles. I'll just keep whacking this one on the head. LOL. Thank you. You're something else. :)

      Hope you have a lovely weekend, too. Peaceful down time is good down time.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. well I certainly hope it is a good something . It looks as though we will not be moving to sc for at least another year and then maybe not to sc we have two choices sc and florida . and my husband will leave for about a week to check them both out . Im not real familiar with jacksonville florida and neither is the husband I have only lived in south and central florida .But we shall see but Im very sad to say that we are not going to be moving this year . I just cannot be happy about this at all so Im certainly depressed and unhappy about it . well take care dear and have a wonderful evening .

    4. Friend, isn't a warmer climate what you desire? No matter. I remember not liking Colorado. The thin air caused nosebleeds, lethargy, it snowed too soon and often. Once I became acclimated I loved it. I have never given up wanting to go back, yet common sense tells me I am where I need to be at this stage in my life.

      You go right ahead and be sad, angry, disappointed, depressed, and anything else you feel like yielding to. It will all pass, your world will be right side up again, and all of us will be here, circling you with
      Love, goodness and high hopes.

      How are your plants? My jade is as stunted as ever. I think it is time to transplant it. The first rose to say hello is the size of a baby's fist. :)

      Thinking of you,


  2. oh wow my plants are wonderful but one of my maters shot the wad dear but I have others coming up so at least I hope I can get one out of the bunch so wish me luck on that .

    1. You are funny. Not sure what shot the wad means, so will guess that it means died. Poor thing. I believe in you because you seem to have a green thumb. :)

  3. I think, when I'm in a good frame of mind, I still feel like I'm 23, which was my favorite age to date. Other times, when I'm out of sorts, I feel like I'm closer to my real age (43), and a little battered and bent by life.

    Alex is very cute. I bet he loves having you as a neighbor, with or without cupcakes!

    1. Thanks for answering. Everyone I ask seems to favor their twenties. Those under 50 anyway. I am so touched to hear you say that you feel a little battered and bent at 43.

      I just wiped out the rest! How frustrating! Especially at my age. :) I wondered when I first felt that way, but of course I do not remember. I was so much in love when I was 43. :) such nice memories you nudged for me. LOL!

      Alex is so sweet. He often plays alone. He loves the grapes and strawberries we grow. And he gives me sweet gifts, like a red rosé, a red feather, and the best hugs. I often find a marble, a toy figure, a Hot Wheels or something of his tossed over the fence.

      What a nice thing to say. Thank you. I know Maya loves having you and no one else for her mom. :)