Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Good Day To Be Another Good Day

Kathleen sent me this inspiration from Australia. It came in a beautiful envelope, chocked full of goodness and pretty-pretty. All that joy and beauty came during one of the darkest months of my life. I rediscovered it last night. Everything was neatly tucked inside a wooden box. I'm sure if I ever thanked you properly, Kathleen. I hope it is never too late to start. It begins today. Just in case. Thank you for your generous gifts. I more than like the cards.  So, come March, I will share one at a time until I've shared all. I know that every day is a good day to have a good day. And I will do my best to practice every day. This one goes on my cork board.

This postcard is from one of my journal covers. Collages are cool. The quote is from a catalog. Gaiam, I am pretty sure. Both images, I think. Thinking about it as I wrote, I realized that by wishing the recipient happiness, peace, and freedom from suffering, I wasn't sending pie-in-the-sky fluff, because In order to have the three, they will have to experience the opposites. That's Life, yes? I should have made more. But then, that's Life.

I've stared it this long enough to have memorized the number of petal floating across my vision. I wonder how many colors, how much time, how many presses, how much color, and a whole bunch of other "how muches and how manys" went into this work or creation. I like. It's what's inside that matters? Says . . . ?

Aha! Gotcha. Put a bookmark here, a story comes later. LOL. Good job Karen. And thanks for saying yes. *wink* This goes on the cork board.

I thought I'd rubbed away parts of the words embossed so nicely here. The star is the stamp. The "Gone with the Wind" stamp. It is a tribute to Hattie McDaniel, for obvious reasons. She and others like her were ridiculed for the stereotypical roles offered to African American actors and actresses back in the day. I totally understood. It put a roof over her head, food on her table, and she paved the way for the Halle Berrys of the world. Ms McDaniel's was an interesting life. Thank you, dear Rusty. 

Observation: Many people looked on "mammy" as a derogatory word--as a slur. In all of my reading, I learned the word meant the same as mommy. The Irish still call their mothers mam and mammy. I believe that the word "mammy," was really a term of endearment. 

Why didn't we learn about her in our history books? Photographer unknown. I'm searching for more information about this she-ro. I like her.

This deserves further exploration also. How was albumen used to print photographs? Myron B. Kimball, photographer. Hmm. Wow. Albumen was used in Civil War Photography. The images are stunning. There's a recipe! Talk of eggs made me hungry. I have not eaten anything today. 

Write in might. So write on.

8:18 PM An after-dinner postscript in the form of a link:

I have followed this blog for several years. Who knew there would be photos of a post office? We're just back from a lovely dinner out, but I did not want to wait to share this gem. I like lines too, don't you?


  1. wonderful blog as always and yes I agree it put a roof over her head and food on her table . I agree things are what they are were back then .

    1. Thank you, ma'am. I appreciate your thoughts. Hope you're not so upset tonight. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes ma'am, it did. Thank you. Fun is contagious. :)