Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two Bags Full

It's not the best shot but it's the only one I took yesterday before loading up two large Glad bags for the post office. The white box needed its own bag. It's still hard to believe how much it cost to send the four boxes. The smaller packages were almost as dear. Of the bunch, only one was domestic mail. Am considering the need of a part-time job to earn "pen money" again. *sigh* 

See the white box? The "Love & Happiness" giveaway gift is inside. I told you it was big. Now do you believe me? The gift reminds me of a movie from last night. The little girl, Ana, the star, had a red little case just like it. I think it was her school bag. I forget the name of the movie, but it's the foreign film where little Ana meets Frankenstein's monster down by the creek. Do you know the one I'm talking about? 

It's the second time I've seen it, yet I still find it difficult to believe a child ever wanders around acres of land in the dark. When I was her age I used to wet my bed because I was too afraid to take that long walk in the dark to get to the bathroom. Heck, I was too afraid to put my feet on the floor, because of the ankle-grabbing monsters under the bed. I always stoop a little and peer into my mail boxes before I stick my hand inside. Do you? It's survival instinct so there's no cause to be embarrassed to admit it if you do.


This is Wednesday's haul. So far. That box goes to 29 Palms, Cali. Yes, it contains a Christmas gift, but it's the last one from 2012. I am glowing within from the warmth that comes with a major sense of accomplishment. Well, that's the last one that needs to be mailed. I still haven't seen Alexis, my friend from next door, so I changed his to a new year's gift. I bought him two Curious George books. The stories are in English and Spanish.

Wednesday's mail box bears a single embellishment. Can you believe it? It's a special message that is complete in itself. 

Then there's this. I like theater. I never liked "The Wizard of Oz" but I think I might like "Wicked." It has such potential, so every time I see print matter that has to do with the show I save it. I always wonder what the good witch is whispering in the bad witch's ear. I've never been able to cut my gleanings, except this time. This time was different. The piece was perfect for a large postcard. I have tens of blank pieces of postcard stock that need using. Three colors: black, brown, and white. I heart postcards. I create postcard art and then can't always bring myself to give it away. I did this last night for someone I admire in great big bunches. I admire people who love theatre. I admire people who can remember reams of lines, cues, marks, and can make me believe. Theatre really isn't hype if it's real. Right? So, if I could see a broadway show it would be "Wicked" or "The Lion King." Wish I could show you the front, but can't because the recipient's name is on it. Embellishment is fun. 

Well, it's been real, but it's also time to close up downstairs. That means load the dishwasher, sweep the kitchen floor, bring up the folded laundry, and fill up my canteen one more time. 

See you in the mail, so write on.


  1. The big white box has arrived safely -- thank you, thank you, thank you! Love & happiness, indeed. I'm contemplating where it will live and what I will put into it. I'll let you know what I decide. :)

    1. LOL! I really wrapped it, didn't I? Recycling is part of my DNA, so I did my best. ;) Happy to know it belongs to you now. And you are quite welcome. Giving is such fun. I keep letter writing related goodies in mine, but I look forward to hearing what you will use it for. I want to fill one with the change I usually save in a special glass milk bottle. :) Or, I could retire stacks of answered mail in one. Oh, the possibilities! :)


    2. I loved the wrapping! I also like to poke around the house for materials that can be reinvented as mailing and cushioning supplies, so it's fun to see what other people use, too.

      Answered mail is one of the possibilities I am considering. My organization system has been somewhat overwhelmed since Scribbling Glue has been motivating me to write more and has brought me in contact with others who also love to send. :) Such an enjoyable conundrum to solve. For now, it is sitting open–just begging to be filled–where I can see and contemplate it from my desk.

    3. LOL. I used to like using the comic pages from the Sunday paper for filler. Friends reciprocated, so we got to read each other's comics. :)

      Don't forget to let me know what you decide to use it for. I'm always open to new ideas. I hope you get all the mail you can handle. Too much, and you fall behind. I learned to be care of what I wish for, so my wish for you is sensible. :)

      If it was in my house it would be filling up with dust and receipts. LOL. I like the idea of it sitting there waiting. :) Thanks for the image.

      Write on!

    4. "Don't forget to let me know what you decide to use it for."

      Never fear, I will write you all about it!

      I appreciate your wish for sensibility. I tend toward the practical, so sensible suits me well. :)

    5. I can just hug you for understanding what I wrote. LOL. I hope I remember not to ever wish dump truck loads of mail for anyone. ;)

      Goodnight, and thanks.