Sunday, January 6, 2013

Show & Tell

This is me: Introverted, semi-reclusive except for Wednesdays,  joneses nurtured via jaunts to B&N, the post office, Texas Art Supply, and escapes with cows and horses. I am . . . Shucks. If I tell you too much you'll know me as well as I know myself, but I have a tendency to keep goodnesses secret, and special things are kept even closer to my chest. I'm like the man with the fly in his soup, who, when he complains to his waiter, is told "Shh. Not so loud. Others will hear you and want one too." 

Keep that in mind while I share some of the amazing goodness that came to me via mail. My scanner does not do this one justice. I wish you could see it first hand, but you can still see how cute it is, right? It's from Anna. Thank you, dear Anna. I want to keep it on display the entire year. 

This gem is from Dodson, D.! It's his entry in the Love & Happiness give-away. Elaine and I danced to Al back in the day. "Something's goin' wrong. Someone's on the phone. Three o'clock in the morning. . ." I was way too young to get what he sang about, but it was easy to dance to. His Afro was so cool. His bell bottoms were to sigh for. We loved hearing  him squeal those high notes on "Soul Train." Such a trip down memory lane, DD. Thanks.

And, there's this! This cuteness fix from Emma is one of two  of the smallest letters I have ever received. I'd measure the envie, only I'm too lazy to look for my ruler. The paper trimmer is behind me, but shucks again, I am too comfortable to get up and get it. I'll measure the second one next time. Emma prints so well. I can read her letters without my glasses. Gratitude, Emma!

Kimi, such stamps! Thank you for the ins and outs of all your mail. I imagine how I must have looked, sitting in the parking lot, poring over the front of your envelope. Someone like me noticing would have thought I didn't know how or where to open it, 'cause I checked out front and back over and over and over. I like tea pots, and I'd collect them if I had the space, so I always check them out. When I drew a tea pot and a tea kettle in "Draw Something," they both looked alike, according to Erin. And she was right. Your tea pot stamp makes me hungry for scones. No idea why, but the feelings are pleasurable.

Will you get a good long look at this? Amazing, huh? I like this so much, I want to keep it on display next to Anna's and a few others that haven't been packed away just yet. Ever see the movie, "Angels & Insects?" I have. Twice. And it still affects me the same way. I watch with head partially averted while I peek through splayed fingers. I liked the naturalist so much, with his clueless self. Those illustrations! Oh, the illustrations. They made the bare rumps bearable. I have a thing for ants and wasps and yellow jackets and hover flies and the likes. Bees bend my emotional knees. Thanks, elle! 

We never had show and tell when I was a child. I guess we showed and told on ourselves when we came to class each day. Maybe that's another reason why I'm so selfish with my "incoming." Ha! Okay. 

I get a kick out of checking out other people's mail, so am trying not to be so selfish with my own. I thought I'd finished my entries for M. Nidham's call for mail art, then I realized that my own is quite different from almost every other artist's I've ever seen. It's not that I cannot do collages, it's just . . . Well. Maybe I'll tell you later. I like this postcard. Why can't I help wishing I could see what's covered? I like mirrored exotic-to-me images.

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again, for all the lovely, interesting, artistic, warm, life-affirming mail. There's more to come.

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