Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday's Evening Post

It's so warm here. Feels like spring. These two are appropriate for this January Saturday evening post. I won't lie, and say I wish everyone had our temperatures. I don't. I think winter should be winter-like. I'm sharing the beautiful stamps because I want you to hold on to your Hope for the coming season. 

I just had to get out of the house this afternoon. So, I put aside my thoughts of laundry and vacuuming, packed my book bag, grabbed my phone and bag, then left home so fast, you couldn't see me for the dust. First stop? The post office. Mailed a package. Used the kiosk. Shot a handful of mail through the slot, and made for my box. Can you tell by the sound the key makes when you insert it into the keyhole, if you have mail or not? I used to think my mail-dar was pitch-perfect. Huh! Not any more. I get it right about seventy-five percent of the time; unlike today, when it sounded so hollow I almost didn't turn the key. Am glad I did--as if I wouldn't--because I had TWO letters waiting for me. They were better than candy. Thank you, you-know-who.

My second stop was . . . You guessed it. Archivers. I needed to buy another item I bought a couple of days ago, but they have so much new stuff that I got sucker punched, and wound up with stuff I didn't need. I mean, that $5 off coupon just wouldn't stop jumping around inside my phone. It shook my bag so hard I just know some thought I had a chihuahua in my bag. And before I left I had to stop and make the freebie. Cute huh? The first time I saw it last week, I thought to myself, "What a groaner." I was so clueless the first time I saw the demo, months ago, I had to ask "Huh?" The employee 'splained it like I was Lucy and she was Ricky. Who would have thought I'd find it worth the time to make a little card on this day? It's the sun. Sunlight alters us physiologically. Do you know it affects hens? It does it through their eyes; it triggers a gland that enables them to lay eggs. No rooster needed. It happens to birds too. And other creatures. It makes sense that I laid something too.

Oops! I forgot to correct this. Am too lazy to stop and do it now, so just turn your head to the left if necessary. I chose this saying instead of "be my valentine." I don't want so be sappy. I'd rather make y'all groan instead. Don't throw tomatoes! I'm just the messenger. I'll shave it for later, indeed. LOL. Oh. Fold the mustache part and you have a sweet little card. Archiver's didn't provide envelopes. Would you like to have it? The card. Not the unmade envelope. Want to give it to someone you like? If you want it, I'll send it to you on Monday.

I had to share this. It's the back of phonelady's most recent envelope. Remember her birds? Isn't this beautiful? Thank you Lucy. I like your drawings. Did you use watercolors or markers?

Then there is this. I'm stuck. And it was stuck too. To the scanner's glass. I've decided to let it dry completely before finishing it. I am like a kid sometimes. I am so eager to see the finished piece, that I forget the virtue and value of patience. See the six pence? Golly, me! There's a rhyme about sixpence, isn't there? Um, the part that stuck is the net skirt. Cute, huh?

Write on!

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