Monday, January 14, 2013

Sacrebleu! Courrier Bleu!

Sacrebleu is an old French profanity meant as a cry of surprise or anger. I'm using it to express my surprise. Sacrebleu! You should see how many grackles are eating my birds' dinner! I drummed my fingers on the window (am upstairs) and they simply scatter to light on the fence, and wait.

It is deliciously cold in Katy today. Not cold enough to turn your lips or you fingertips bleu, but today is a dull bleu ciel day. I used the heater while I drove to the post office. That doesn't happen very often. 

Hooray! Mail went out on this Moanday. Forgot to count it or take photos, but no drama is necessary. Feeling good is enough. And, I was rewarded. On a bleu day, I got bleu mail!

What are the odds of that happening again? I read one letter in the parking lot, and saved the two until I made it home. Then I sat down with a mug of my favorite blueberry tea! Imagine that coincidence! I sat and read at the family table, shaking my foot and sipping. Y'all write good letters. Hannah, I do admire your cute little VW bug address label. You inspire me to do something for my own. One should not have to write one's address every time they address an envelope. That's what being lazy gets me, huh?

Emilie, your crowned goose is sweet. I've always like it. You used a bleu Bearden stamp, and your bleu envie is enviable. Those stamps! Oh, what I wouldn't give . . . Oops. Well, hush my mouth 'cause they are mine. I won't scan the back because I need to jump right on to the contents. Oh, my-my-my-my. Look:

A Zap Comic with bleu. Ha! I like unique comics. A thousand thanks! One can spend an hour poring over Zap Comics, and grin all the while. I believe they used to run in the Grit publication. Remember that? I needed a magnifying glass to see everything, but what fun. All those comics in one publication  made me high. I hid out in one of my favorite reading spots, and I'd be gone for so long my mom had to search for me. I was so engrossed, I couldn't n hear her call me. In this day and age she might have tried for an Amber Alert. Thanks, dear Emilie.

Pamela! Shall we begin with the stamps? The stamps, oh, the stamps. See?

I've never seen them before. Have you? 

The enclosed note card holds a wonderful letter that's written on paper I want. Pamela, where did you get it? The Underwood. Typewriters have made a come-back. This one is b-l-e-u. Bleu is as good as yellow, and red, and green. On a bleu day, without a visible sign of the yellow sun, I am flushed with red--especially my cheeks--from the cold wind that rouged my ankles, too. Green? It's a color that symbolizes prosperity. I am prosperous indeed. Thanks to you, too, Pamela.

Oh, write on-write on! 


P.S. My gray LAMY pen arrived, sans the black ink cartridges. I hope to own the lime green one next. How I wish I could find the red one. *sigh* 


  1. Good to know that you are feeling better . great post dear .

    1. Thanks. I feel better every day. :)
      You be well, too, okay?

  2. Well helloo.......happy you enjoyed the mail from me. I'd be happy to tell you where i got the paper I wrote to you on IF I could remember what paper I used....describe it for me......

    1. LOL. I am not alone. I sent a gift in a box, when the recipient mentioned it I could not recall it at all. It came to me a day later. I'd take a picture but am too lazy to get up. :) It's okay. Thanks for wanting to.

  3. Your mail looks lovely and hooray for bleu mail any time, but especially on a bleu Monday!

    It's been very cold in east Texas, too, but it's a marvelous change from the heat and I'm happy about it.

    Enjoy your week!

    1. Longview, Tx? Get out! LOL. Did I know that? Wow. First Port Neches, now Longview. we are movin on up in the letter-writing world. :)

      Mondays used to be my moan-days because I could have done without them and skipped to Tuesday. I never could sleep on Sunday nights. Did you know there's a syndrome for that? Just think. I could have gotten a permission from my doctor back then, excusing me from working on Moandays. (Sigh)

      Yes! You like cold weather too! :) I like how it makes the outer edges of my ears tingle. My nose doesn't run from the cold like it used to; especially not like when I was a kid, and got in trouble for wiping my nose on my sleeve.

      Thanks, I will. You enjoy the rest of your week, too now, okay?