Friday, January 4, 2013

Oops! I Did It Again!

I haven't changed much since last year. Have you? I still like German rock sugar in my tea. I still misplace, and forget mail:

This guy was hiding just behind the headboard. It's a good thing I vacuum from time to time, or I wouldn't have found it until spring cleaning. It went out in Wednesday's mail. And, yet, I still have three Christmas packages to send off. 

I still have good intentions. I wrote my first mail of the year last night. I made my first mail art of 2013 a couple of nights ago. I've stuck to my 365 challenge, so far, thanks to Andy's amnesty idea. I know I can do it. Have you taken the challenge? Will you? We can be Mail Art 365 Partners. We'll inspire and motivate each other via e-mail. Will you, won't you be my partner? Look for me here: 


Remember the Love & Happiness giveaway? Well, it was extended to the end of December. A winner was chosen. Then I forgot. Illness seems to have taken up residence in our family, and it's striking those in their 40s. We've spent more than a decent amount of time in ICU waiting rooms, but the most recent ending was worth it. So, remember this neat little item? Good, 'cause someone won it.

Annie, congratulations! You're the winner. I just visited your blog, saw the lovely gift from your husband. What a gift! Not just the box--husband is included in my declaration. I saw your address. Your gift will go out in next week's mail. Thanks for playing. Elaine gets to keep your postcard. Well, on second thought, I'll scan, print and give her a copy if she will return the original. It's only fair that I get to keep it. Right?

I love you letter-writers. Thanks for playing. This one was special. Wait until you see what's coming up. 

Oh, happy day! I managed to get this done, AND make lentil soup WITHOUT burning it! My year is so good. But, then again, so has every one that's come before. How's your 2013 so far? 


  1. Oh, joy! What a surprise to be reading along and suddenly realize that the familiar-looking postcard was, in fact, the one I'd made. This has made my day -- thank you so much.

    "What a gift! Not just the box--husband is included in my declaration."

    Yes, I agree wholeheartedly. :)

    Happy lentil souping. May you and your family kick all the illness to the curb and enjoy the new year in good health.

    1. LOL!. Sorry, I should have titled the post "Winner!" or something just as catchy. Congratulations, again. Am so happy that so many people responded. It makes me want to host another give-away.

      Glad you agree with my declaration. :)

      Oh, but that lentil soup was so good! It was even better the second day. :) Thanks for the hopeful health. JC brings sickness home from work. Am drawing up plans for a disease detector for next winter. I would have to convert the garage though, and it will mean no more protected parking and no more storage room, but what's a woman to do? Aha! I can sue his employer? Sick people should stay home. These guys can work from home! They are engineers and designers who do CAD! Note to self: Call JC's boss tomorrow.

      Enjoy your "suitcase" and content. Then, write on. :)