Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mail! The Tie that Binds

I took today off from mail. It doesn't mean that I didn't find mail. I have a habit of writing letters before I go to sleep. I stack up, tidy up, and believe that I prep up for the next day's mail-off. Truth is, I often find mail that never made it out.The Gumby letter was written on Jan. 5. I found it and several postcards in the top tray of my art caddy. I need an out box on my headboard. Sorry recipient.

I enjoyed making this envelope. It envelopes something special. I want to share it but not before it reaches the person it's made for. Want a sturdy envelope? I like the word "envelope." This one "envelopes" a part of my creative self. Do you know that each time you send me a letter, a card, mail art, that you give a part of your creative self? I thank you.

Want a sturdy envelope? Use some of the paper you use to wrap a box. It is stronger than craft paper. It is stronger than a Whole Foods Mkt. bag. It stands up to bookbinder's glue. It's thirsty, so you might want to use a label or address stickers. Make your tissue paper liner. Since the paper is a little heavier than most, it will require more postage. Not necessarily ninety cents though. I didn't feel like dragging out the postal scale, so I erred on the side of comfort.

See the little guy? No, not Gumby. The gnome. I never liked Gumby. He was sillier than Underdog and Sweet Polly, but he's cute on these. Thank you, Patty! The buff fella is from a stamp I bought at Hobby Lobby at 40% off. He has a higher purpose, so I hope you will tune in when he makes his debut. It will be fun. (He has been tweaked since this shot was taken.)

COPIC markers are great for coloring stamped images. This is a rushed job, but how many stamps are there in a new gnome stamp? *wink* Why did I initially use brown instead of black ink? I didn't feel like getting out of bed. 

The story grows. See where it's going? He's either saying hello, or he's reaching for something. What's your guess? 

It's all about mail: Some of the ties that bind.

Write on.


  1. Great mail and I really like your new banner!

  2. Thank you, dear elle. I hope greater looking mail, from me to you, arrives in your box this week. Having problems finding a way to send something awkward in a way that won't cost more than the something is worth. :)

    Oh! Thanks for liking my banner, too. I wanted it smaller but just gave up after too much fiddling around. I cropped the heck out of it, and uploaded what was left. :)