Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mail Is A Many Splendored Thing

Monday's mail went out today. Fifteen pieces that included letters, notes, postcards, books, and one package. Okay. The package didn't make it. I thought I'd save time by filling out the customs form here. Naturally I was distracted, and left without it. Oh! I had to search for a ball point pen, saw my canteen, and one thing lead to me leaving it behind. 

I am quite proud of myself. It took me over four days to produce that much mail. For fast-acting stress relief, I tried slowing down. Thank you, Lily Tomlin. How about you? Did you get much mail written yesterday? Mondays are wonderful for holidays.

I've worked on this guy for several days. Can you see the grease stains? The man on bottom is the owner of Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers. He makes custard that's almost as good as homemade, and his black bean burger is the best I've ever eaten. So. The photo of him on the bag deserved to be embellished. He was a soldier. He's in uniform. So, I framed him. Haha! Gotcha! Isn't it interesting how the two images fit together so perfectly? And I did a decent tint job, if I do say so myself. 

Now, before you get offended at the swearing stand-in characters, please keep in mind one thing. All he's saying is "fudge." You can relax now. I will share the back soon. Now it's time to groan.

Those of you who read The Law of Attraction Magazine have already seen this, so this is for those who haven't. Silly is as silly does. Would you write a letter to your belly? Can your belly read? Can it even see? Is the belly button another eye? One I didn't know about? Who has writing time to waist waste? Silly author. Tricks are for Halloween. Ha-ha. The last two images are trailers for what's coming soon.

The only lovely groaner from this day is this one: Please pass the psalter. Wouch! No tomato-throwing allowed! How could I resist? 

The one below is . . . Well, I claim it.

Interesting things happen when insomnia insists on visiting. When it happens I often hear the markers calling, and I invite them to the party. See the eyes peering through the weeds? Well, that's me. I can be anything I want. That night I was hiding from Insomnia. I lit up my night with a minor illumination. Pun deliberately attempted.

Time for a snuggle with my pink hot water bottle. Write on.


  1. I wanna be like you when I grow up!

    1. Such a compliment! And I do thank you, but be careful of what you want. LOL! And, if the that thought ever tries to enter your mind again, take the advice of that precog in the Tom Cruise movie, and RUN!

  2. Love seeing your mail, so inspiring!

    1. Angie, I thank you, and I appreciate your comment. We all inspire each other, don't we? You're a gem. :)