Friday, January 18, 2013

Limner's First Guest Blogger

Hello, !hola, hollah, bonjour, ola, gidday, hej, halla, helo, konnichiwa, ni hao, halo, salam wa aleikum, sha-lohm, aloha, hujambo, hei, hallo, tashi delek, howdy . . . I am:

I am known as Max, baby Max, the monkey, Max the monkey aka Max, le bebe singe, and Limner's first guest blogger. I am so happy to be here. She's been after me to post since I learned to read, but I have no thumbs. So, it's taken me a while to learn how to work these keys with a stylus. I kept bumping my head on the screen when I leaned in to type with my tongue; she loaned me her glasses, and look at me now. If I do well she might ask me to come back. 

I have a habit of reading while I'm perched on her shoulder. It's allowed, since I weigh hardly anything. Once in a great while I forget and drop peanut shells down the back of her shirt, but only 'cause I'm excited by what I'm reading. She hollers a little but she doesn't mean it. I've been learning the ropes just for times like this. Hope to heck I do well. Here goes:

Did you know this was/is EAD? We didn't know until Wednesday. The bookseller at B&N had two of these postcards left, so Limner and I asked if we could have them. She didn't say anything, so we said, "Thanks," and Limner put them in our new book bag. I'll show you the bag if I'm invited back. But anyway, we made this postcard special with a bunch of butterflies; we wrote on the other side, but of course we can't show you what we said, 'cause if we did, what would be the point in sending it. Right? So why did we scan the front? We did it and posted it because we want to wish every educator a Happy EAD! We think it should be a month long but some time is better than no time at all. Right?

We messed up the first card. Forgot to add the -er to one of the main words in the address. Did you know it was Educator Appreciation Days? Here, in Houston, Barnes & Noble offered an additional 25% off educator's purchases. That's 45% if you're a member. I still think they should have given y'all something free, but I'm just a monkey. What do I know? Well, I know a lot, actually. I know it's time to sign off. So, goodnight, and thanks for having me.

Yours in appreciation,


P.S. Will the educators among us please sound off?


  1. Tashi Delek, little monkey! Aren't you cute?!

  2. Thank you. Limner and my mommy think I am, too. :)