Friday, January 11, 2013

Keeping the Mail Moving

More mail went out today. I forgot to take a count. The warm greetings and conversation that greeted me made me blush, so the numbers flew. For real. I guess we really do want to go where everyone knows our name. Well, not really. But what was better  was having my favorite mail clerk beckon me to her line. Please don't tell. She just wanted to see what I was sending out. I tried to tell her about some of the goodness that I get from y'all. It's heartwarming when someone admires your work. Right? You know what I mean. So I wish I could approach the MFAH with the idea of hosting a mail art exhibit M. Nidham's. It would blow Houston's mind if I did. I wish I had the courage to approach MFAH with the idea. *sigh* I'm slowly scanning some of the outstanding in-coming that deserves a nod. It takes me a while but I'll post as many as I can without overdoing it. Moving on . . . Oh! There's  book in that stack. 

One package went out. I made the box! Yeah! Corrugated card board is quite forgiving. There was just enough space for left over for the postage, after all of the little embellishments. Do you ever have people behind you crane their necks, trying to see the front of your mail? I love it! LOL. They quickly look away when they think you see them. 

I think this little affirmation is meant for me, but it's disguised as a postcard. I've been going to bed with my lap desk and making at least one card before I say goodnight every night for at least two weeks. Winter is a wonderful time to create, ruminate, and communicate. My letters have slimmed down considerably. Yes! I work hard at not being so long-winded. No more too-long letters. It's okay to cheer. LOL. Cutting down on wordage means more letters. Right? Even in posts. Anything to keep the mail moving, right?

Oh! Again. Did you know the USPS is offering new perks? I was offered a chance to be a "test subject," and took it. They are trying to be competitive, so they will send me an e-mail to notify me when I have mail in my p.o. box. They . . . Sheesh. My mind just went blank. Dang. There are two more perks, along with being allowed to use their address as a "home" address. Now I can have online orders sent to my p.o.b., just like at the private mail stores. Well, the other thing had something to do with keys for packages; it's different from them just putting the key in my box. *scratching my head* And, it is all free. For now. If I remember, or get it straight, I will do an update--unless someone with a better memory helps me out. Maybe the USPS has something about it on their site. Anyway, write on!

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