Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Downward Facing Flag

Limner: Hello, Robin. How are you? What brings you by today?

Robin: Hey Ms. Limner. I'm good, thanks, and thanks for asking. I just stopped by to tell you there's no mail today. It's Sunday.

Limner: Oh, my goodness! I plumb forgot! What will the neighbors think? *flustered*

Robin: Does it matter what they think? I'll lower your flag for you. Want me to leave the mail for tomorrow?

Limner: Why bless your little heart, Robin. Thank you, sweetness. Yes, bring the mail in. It might rain tonight. I'll put it out again in the morning. Have some birdseed. It's your favorite.

Robin: Gee, Ms Limner, thanks! You're swell!


The rain came yesterday, probably the day before, and it's raining now. I did business at the post office on Monday, thought today was Tuesday, missed my appointment with O-Bird . . . So much happened today but hardly any of it is worth telling. My conscience prods me into telling how I did not feed the birds, because the backyard is a standing-water mess. My clogs were almost sucked off my feet, that's how boggy it is. Bird seed will only get wet. My little red wind breaker got a soaking on the way to the mail box. 

Don't get me wrong. I love rainy days now. Used to be, rainy days, and Moandays always got me down. No more. I let the hoodie fall back and it rained on my head.  Lovely! I have not used my little light box since last winter. For real. Oh, happy days! So, was thumbing through a sketchbook and saw that little drawing. If you've seen it before, just pretend you haven't. I drew it, I think, on a day when I'd gone to our mail box twice, having forgotten there would be no mail pick-up because it might have been a federal holiday. But knowing me, it could have been a Sunday. See? I can laugh at myself. Hahaha. No mail run today due to possible flooding. And I overslept. Decided to stay in my pajamas and robe, and draw. I fell asleep again instead. 

This still makes me smile. I still have "elephant leftovers" in the cold mail file. It's being answered. I promise. Thanks, Jan. I like your sense of humor. I like your card, too. I'll see you in the mail soon. I promise. I've been working on my other addiction: Drawing. It's been difficult having to choose between writing letters and loving my sketchbooks and reading and making stuff. I feel I might have found a way to do all the things I love without having to neglect any of them. Time will tell.

Wish I'd taken this photo, but not having done it does not keep me from liking it as much as I do. Embellishment can only tweak that which is already perfect. I've held on to it for a while, but decided to let it go out as a postcard to someone who might like it equally as well. Do you read The Sun Magazine? I think I like the photographs more than the writing. This reminds me that the sun is always shining--even when we cannot see it. This photo is a part of their subscription renewal reminder. I am a hoarder of such goodies.

This. This is the envelope that holds my submissions to Mr. Muhammed Nidham's mail art show. Hope it gets there in time. I have missed few deadlines in my lifetime, so I hope this won't be one of those times. Did you participate? I'd enjoy hearing from you, if you did. I was nervous in the beginning, but I figured I had nothing to lose or gain from being a nervous Nellie. Right? So I did my thing, and off it goes in the next mail run. 


  1. I loved this post! And I just wrote you a letter -- going out tomorrow. And no, I didn't send anything in for that mail art show because I hadn't heard about. So I guess I missed that deadline too.

    1. Aw, thanks. The three Rs are my favorites: readin' writin' and 'rawin'.. :D I often get to do all those things with mail. I look forward to reading your letter.

      Maybe you will be invited to participate in his second exhibit. He designs postage stamps. His calligraphy is stand alone art. Will tell you more when I answer your incoming. :)

      Write on! :)