Friday, January 25, 2013

Designing Woman Channels Muskrat Love


I have never liked Valentine's Day in a big way. It began in grade school. Lucky me, I was one of the popular students, so always ended up with a nice haul, but I always felt bad for the students who never got valentines, or just one. And, I regret the one time I gave a card to the boy everyone shunned. He thought it meant that I liked him. The way he waved it around, you'd have thought I'd proposed. We were in third grade! 

I remember all the V Days when I didn't have a boyfriend, and my girlfriends did. I won't forget the one cheap bf who picked up a box of candy at a convenience store--a last minute purchase that he presented just minutes before I had to leave for my third shift job. I opened the box the next day. The candy was stale. Jack, I forgive you, but am still glad I broke up with you, you cheapskate.

Anyway . . . I think it's nice that lovers have a day to show their sweet side with flowers, candy, special dates, diamonds, and, Lord, have mercy, proposals. I have never sent a valentine to a pen friend, but I am in the middle of a change-of-life-moment. It all began with THE bike. My love for it is like muskrat love must be between muskrats. I had to express my feelings, and so I did. Get it? *laughing* Flirting bikes. Flirting bikes inspired me to take it a step farther. So, you have a preview of my Valentine's Day cards. Tweaking is called for. 

What will you do? Buy or create? Looking forward to seeing your card. You send me yours, I'll send you mine. Deal? Will mail mine February one. That way we will have fourteen days to enjoy them early, and on the day.

Write on!

P.S. Let me know if you want one. Will do limited edition. Hope I can find more of the bike stamps. The one here is my last one.


  1. Oh gosh, that's just nine kinds of wonderful there! The bike....well, you know how I feel about that but the stamp, too? Lovely!

    I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day. In fact, I'm not a fan of any holiday other than Thanksgiving and even that one is pushing it. But as I've gotten older and have softened a little I have more appreciation for V day and some of the others. I'm at least more tolerant and have even done a bit of dabbling in making V day cards today. Oy, I never thought I'd do that but I have been!

    I'll send you one. :)

    1. Time tempers us, yes? :)

      Glad you like my flirting bikes. The big one looks like it's checking out the smaller bike, but the big deal is . . . You tell ME! LOL! Construction workers used to terrorize me when I worked in downtown Houston. Had no ideas their whistles were meant to be compliments, so I used to walk blocks out of my way to avoid them. :) where are they now? :D

  2. Oh bicycles are always nice ;) I have a purple one ♥, should make a picture and post it on my blog one day... (after I clean it, snow, salt, rain, wind are not good for my poor bicycle)

    If I find the mood can mail you a valentine ;) have some new cute die cut things with stamps I can use also
    Everything is heavily overpriced for the day over here, I can know February 14th is my mothers birthday...

    1. I have mail for you. It will go out tomorrow or on Wednesday. Am I the only one in the world who doesn't or hasn't owned a bike? :) you mean you have to clean a bike like you clean a car? Oh, dear. That sounds like too much work for two wheels when the Honda has four, protects me from the elements and has a wider seat. ;)

      The mustache is a die cut too. Is why it is so cute. Making cards is more fun than buying them. They are special, don't you think? :)

      I have an aunt whose birthday is February 14, and my mom's is on the 16th. I wonder if your mom and my aunt are alike at all? People born under the same star sign often share similar personality traits.

    2. ooh :D can't wait ;)
      I do live in a bicycle country ;) and yes I do have to clean mine from time to time ;) I usually end up at my parents and my mum will help (they have a garden I don't.
      It is windy the last two days winter has gone and we have fall now :(

      Ooh a mustache die cut! and yes hand made card are way more fun (but I have seen some rather pretty ones of Marjolein Bastin)

      They might be, I have friends with birth dates near mine and they are as crazy as I am ;)

    3. Wish I lived in bicycle country on days I wish I had a bike. LOL,

      Ah! Marjolein is one of my favorite artists. I have a cute piece to share with you soon, if I remember to do it.

      Mail went out today. More tomorrow. I need the sunshine. I get it despite the strong winds when I drive instead go just sitting inside. I sunbathe with the cats when I can't go out. :)

  3. OK I will send you my Valentine's card tomorrow.

    1. I will add you to my list then. Thanks. :)

  4. And yes I would love one from you!