Saturday, January 19, 2013

An Early Saturday Evening Post

I am taking a break from my Saturday housekeeping and cleaning. It's been earned, this bit of time, but only just. The day feels like a page sneaked from spring. The sun is gentle, the winds are soft like caresses, and the temperature is, to quote Goldie, "just right." So we should be outside, right? Yes, but not before our chores are done. Delight must be earned this day. Washing the glass door, and the panes in the back door will give me my fair share of sun-time. I intend to drag out the washing. It all evens out in the end, so I don't really have to justify writing now instead of this evening.

I want to finally share a beautiful gift from my friend, Anna. The waiter with whom I shared the fly in my soup, whispered into my left ear again. I ignored him. So, I hope you won't want one too. *wink* BRB. Will run down and put the kettle on. 


Was gone so long had to waken Mac-xine. She loves her naps. But, as I was saying? This is indeed a rare treasure for me. I learned of the Magna Carta in school, and discovered the Mappa of Mundi via the Smithsonian Magazine or possibly Nat Geo., so I couldn't help but wonder how Anna could know . . . 


This. I gaze on it and wonder. I wonder about the artistry, the artists, the story, and more. Mail is a wonderful thing, is it not? It entertains, fills voids, connects, builds relationships, and it educates, among many other things. I spent hours researching Anna's gift. I am grateful for the Internet. It puts a world of information within reach of my fingertips, in seconds. It brought me friends like y'all, and Anna.

Did you ever want to grow up and illuminate the alphabet? Oh, but I did! Still do. Yum, this tea is delicious, and it's close to the color of the writings here. The little bits of German rock sugar turn the green a prettier color. I am going to illuminate the letter L. Yes! L for letters. Gotcha! Bet you thought it would be for Limner, huh? Last night, right before lights-out, I started a quick line drawing that morphed into a sketch of Max, the monkey. Didn't he do a nice job? He is the one-out-of-three friends I asked to be my first guest blogger to agree. Because he did, he gets to go to lunch with me on Monday, and I'll buy him some peanuts and bananas, to show my gratitude. Can you appreciate the calligraphy shown here? Those monks had it going on. Ever seen "The Name of the Rose?" I read the book and saw the movie a fistful of times. The lure? The mystery of an illuminator's death. Oh. And Sean Connery. 

Ever wondered if they earned a bit on the side by writing letters for illiterates? Wonder how they made enough ink from one dye job to last for several pages? They used gall, right? I'll show you the tools I've collected over the years for my first illumination piece. Have you ever done it? My break is officially over, but I want to share a little bit more before I sign off for the day.

You reckon they had surveyors back then? Imagine working on this. I wonder how many worked on it at once. SMH in wonder and for the beauty of it.

Wait until I tell you about this! You think she's cute, right? Well, it's a she, and she painted my day and my night, the day she arrived. Thank you, dear unbelievably amazing Anna.

Stay tuned.


  1. "Mail is a wonderful thing, is it not? It entertains, fills voids, connects, builds relationships, and it educates, among many other things." ~ Limner

    Thank you so much for the paper sunshine, not only once, but twice this week. Only letter writers can know how much a sweet gesture like this means to another.

    I really must investigate mail art and give it a try. There doesn't seem like any time better than now.


    1. I've been quoted. Another first. Thank you very much. :) It just hit me. I've been quoted.

      You are so welcome. There are reams of sunshine related embellishments out right now. I think it's meant to help fight the winter blues. Don't you just like Anna's little yellow duck? Now THAT's a perk-me-up. :) I hope you're feeling the beams every day, even when you can't see them.

      Please try. I know you'll like it. In fact, I promise. A handful of envelopes still go out in traditional fashion, but sometimes I can't help but tart 'em up. Just give it a try, okay? Start with photos from a magazine, or even the newspaper. A pair of scissors, some glue, a little gel pen ink, and presto! You have mail art. Or draw! There is no limit. :) See you in the mail again soon.

    2. YES!! You have been quoted! I'm glad that didn't get past you. It's a fine quote too!!!

    3. You! Thank you. :) Don't you know I am going to print this and mail your comments to Erin? LOL.the only other time I have had the honor of being quoted was when excerpts from a letter that I wrote to Oprah Magazine were published. I don't think my daughter was impressed then however, since she did not buy a copy. To her credit, she has called several times to tell me how she channels me lately.

      Thanks for deeming the quote "good." You inspire me to write on.

  2. I think that's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, Limner. Truly.

    1. It really is. I wish you could see each page. Thank you. :) Wait until you see what's next.

    2. Oh gosh, I need pen pals like yours! ;P

    3. A man in a restaurant discovers a fly in his soup. He calls for his waiter and says, "There is a fly in my soup!" The waiter leans in and tells him, "Not so loud sir. Others might hear and want one too."

      LOL! See? But seriously? I don't recall ever getting mail that didn't make me feel like I have the pest pen friends in the world. Since long time friends have gotten to know me, they learned what I like. What I like, is something I cannot quite define, yet pen friends get it right every time. Then the Annas in my life scare me just a little bit, because they seem to know parts of me that I think are disguised. Aha! There it is!

      Too often it takes me next to forever to find my point, but, this time, the point is, we get to know each other through our letters. That's it. Plain and simple. So far, I have made two faux pas since I began writing to people I've met here. We all make mistakes, but it's bound to happen, since . . . This can make a letter, huh? LOL.

      I don't always get such special gifts beyond the gifts of words that express y'all's thoughts, feelings, emotions, and your lives in general. People like to learn about others. I learn so much. I want to learn about Wales, . . . Oops. Will keep it for a letter. Just write on.

      P.S. I enjoy giving as much as I enjoy receiving. More gifts are waiting to be packed and posted. A thing speaks and tells me who it wants to belong to. I try to oblige. Okay! Am gone. :)