Sunday, January 27, 2013

A "What Can I Say" Kind of Sunday

Millicent, I immediately thought of a way, but cannot say. What can I say? Well, I don't want anyone wondering what my floors look like. That's what I can say, and still be a lady. I saw these at Aaron Bro.. Am smiling because I didn't buy them. It's nicer having one come to me in the mail. Thank you. 

Now. How do YOU clean stubborn spots off floors? SOS is NOT the way any more. 

Ah, mail. You gotta like it. I call these amp stamps. They amp up an envelope. The colors are ampsome. I am smitten. What can I say? Yes. Indeed. Thank you, Anonymous.

This is one of the most special cards  of its genre that I've come across. The art is as profound as the message, and is as precious as the person who sent it. Thank you, Dana. What else can I say? Well, I thought of a few things, and I put them on paper. You'll see.

These kept me up rather late last night. They kept whispering. I kept listening. Then I had to kick back the covers, and I got busy. What can I say? Blame is often necessary here in my world. 

Hey, what can I say? 
Limner is my name.
 Creating fun mail art is my on-the-side game. 
Writing letters keeps me sane. 
Bad rhyming makes me sound lame.
But, what can I say?

Oh. Write on! Write on.

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