Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Saturday Evening Post

We've earned another Saturday, in another week, in another month, in another year. The same old aches and pains want to follow from the old year, but I have a posse now. I have a posse of two hot water bottles, and one is dressed to beat the winter chills. Isn't it sweet? It was the first Christmas gift opened last year. Erin insisted. Not because she thought I deserved it; I believe she was simply nosy. I used it the same night. My right shoulder insisted. And, let me tell you, I wish I'd bought a cover for my red one. The heat is totally different . . . Sorry! I will hush now, but "Thank you, dear, sweet, thoughtful, Anna! I hope you've read my thank-you." Oh, the joy that comes in the mail!

Isn't it just the sweetest thing? I get the best gifts, because I have the best pen friends. Okay, I'm moving on . . .

A postcard sent to elicit sympathy and understanding. I am a keeper of quotes. Here is one related to letter-writing:

"I consider it a good rule for letter-writing to leave unmentioned what the recipient already knows, and instead tell him something new." ~Sigmund Freud 

I reckon Siggy never had attacks of CRS. If I repeat myself during conversations, then surely I do the same when I write. Right? Can I get a witness? How many times have I repeated myself when I write to you? Please treat this as a rhetorical question. There's no need to help me embarrass myself. Besides, good manners dictate that you be kind, and not mention it, even if I ask. 

Mail that's ready for Monday. I could not bring myself to visit the post office three days in a row, so I took the weekend off. Aha! I rememberd one of the other perks I tried to tell you about last night. The post office will send you an e-mail if they try to deliver a package and you're not at home. They offer options: 1) Redeliver, 2) return to sender, or, 3) customer will pick up. Filling out the form was a bit of a pain. It could be a Mac thing, as usual, but it should not take as long as it did.

I know I signed up to test their perks but I confess: I was annoyed for a nano second, because 1) we were home all day, 2) there was no "attempt to deliver notice" left, and 3) I really need the black LAMY ink I ordered. UPS left a great big old box on the front porch. So why couldn't they? Maybe that's not such a good thing any more. Have you seen news reports and footage of thieves in action, stealing packages left on front porches? Hmm. Maybe it's just a Christmas phenom?

And . . . Here's another postcard! Ta-da! Such a stage I am in. Not my dotage. Just fun.

For the record? Life is good.

Write on.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink hot water bottle! I didn't know anyone used those anymore but I stand corrected.

    Siggy. That cracked me up! He has a good point though.

    Oh, I do hope I get a little sunshine in my maibox this week!

    1. I do. I use an ice pack as well. The vinyl used in heating pads wasn't the healthy kind. Back in the 90sI improvised with a quart bottle filled with hot water, and wrapped in a towel, before I found my red hot water bottle.

      About Siggy? He wasn't all that smart if he thought the average person didn't know that. LOL. Maybe he suffered from bouts of CRS, too. :)

      Girl, you might get a light tan from the sun that's coming your way. So, leave a curtain open. :)

      I am downstairs, sitting at the informal dinner table, soaking up the waning sun. I just took a photo for you. Hope it's still warm by the time it gets there.