Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Picture that's Worth a Thousand & One Werds

"Friends are there to catch you when you fall." The quote is from one of my favorite songs. The card is from LBK. L, I adore you. I cannot imagine how long it took you to create this lovely masterpiece. Where did you find the berds? I love you. Thanks. 

I never listen to the radio unless I am driving. I used to catch the gospel music station each Wednesday as I drove to an appointment that's been set in stone for years. On my darkest days the dj played the song like she knew I needed to hear it. I must buy it. Don't know why I haven't. But, listening always made me feel better. Not because it was sad, but because I felt connected; it made me remember that I wasn't alone; someone understood, because someone wrote the words that describe how I have felt.
The singers sing of . . .

"a girl, searching for a father and a friend. 
Praying that the storm someday will end. 
But instead of walking away
Open up you heart and say,

You don't have to worry
 I can see your tears
I'll be there 
In a hurry when you call 
Friends are there to catch you when you fall . . ." 

And this:

"Prayin' that some day
The sun will shine again.
And the pain?
And the pain will end."

I was hospitalized once, back when I was in college. My best friend came to visit me. I was heavily sedated. Too sedated to stay awake long enough to talk. Somehow she must have known I would be that way, because she left a song for me. Remember Bill Withers' "Lean on Me?" I listened to that song on repeat until I was discharged weeks later. The song got me through the darkness. I want to say that I was there for her, but our friendship ended when I unknowingly betrayed her. I have grown to be stronger since then.

Then, not so long ago, when I was trapped in the shadows again, a friend I met here told me she would catch me if I let go. Okay, am bawling here. Gotta go.

Just write on. Be sincere. Let your words count. I want to be here to catch you if you fall. I promise you that I will stand beside you with open arms. I love you, Anna. Thank you, dear Davia.



  1. Oh, this entire post makes my heart flutter and even pound a little.

    1. I'm sorry Denise. It is so easy to hide behind a blog banner. Anonymity allows us the freedom to be open. It makes me feel safe enough. We all have blue days. They're problems when they come for a visit and then don't want to leave. I have one of those magnet sheets with emoticons on them, and a magnet frame that allows me to show how I feel. It's on the refrigerator door. It hasn't changed in three years. It says, I am "hopeful." :)

  2. The cloud will lift. I know this feeling.

    1. Then we are sisters. I pray for it to lift soon. :\

      Thank you.

  3. Love this. Thank you, thank you, thank you ... for the sunshine you have mailed to me.

    1. You are welcome a thousand times over. Empathy has memberships that run in the millions. We are never alone, but once in a while we need to be reminded. My dark times make the rest more memorable, so I look forward to being in the light again. Impatience makes it worse. :( I practice patience over and over, and will, until I get it right.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks. Am trying but lately I seem to need someone to give me a little care. Cooking is hard when it gets this bad. Eating balanced meals count. I can't cook now. I tend to burn things. Haven't eaten all day. So. Time to go eat cheese and bread. Winter is hard for a vegetarian. I need green stuff! :)

      Thanks for listening.

  5. OK, so now go find Tower of Power - "I've got to Groove" from the 40th anniversary album. Go to Itunes. - search tower of power.

    spend the .99 - In fact. I'll send it to ya.

    1. Well, I never! :D oh, it made me shake it like a salt shaker. LOL. Now my shoulder hurts. LOL!

      Thank you. Still LOL. Gonna listen again.

  6. Derrick's post made me laugh. Music always lifts my mood. Take care, dear Limner. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

    1. Yeah, I laughed too. I even danced. If only it were that simple for people who have chemical imbalances that aren't corrected with music. I forgot I have an iPod. Classical music alters my mood as long as I'm able to just sit and listen with my eyes closed.

      I meant no disrespect to readers who suffer from clinical depression, SADD or other illnesses. I have blood work done regularly to check my thyroid levels. The hormone levels affect my well being and being deeply depressed is often a signal that something is wrong.

      Thanks. :) I work on not being ashamed of having an illness that turns some people off. I believe in the power of positive thinking and healing vibrations. I am always open to good. :)

    2. Glad you liked it. That whole CD is great.

      Kim is also on the regular check program. Right now she is uber freaked out though. The recent stuff. Her levels are thru the roof.

    3. I will check it out. I was never into music much. Which is odd because I love it. I had a crush on George Strait a couple-three-seven years ago. Thought he was so Mr. Everything. :D

      My heart goes out to Kim. I had major problems that freaked me out after my thyroid gland was removed. *shudder* Increased depression made me want it back. My great endocrinologist kept me coming in for blood work until the meds were adjusted. I wish it was a cure for depression. :) Give Kim my sincerest regards. Hope she's up and at 'em when she wants to.