Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Little Show and Tell

Thank you very much, Tammy, in Hawaii. Hey! It's the second time I've received mail from the Aloha State. This postcard is from the American Partnership for Pets. This cute kitty was adopted from a shelter. Such a sweet passport photo for her journey from "unwanted" to "wanted."

A sure sign that spring is near.
Thank you!

On the back are these words: 

"Love is patient,
Love is kind."

Love defined just blows my mind! I want to be Love. Don't you?

There's the promise of spring in almost everything. Such lovely yellows in the stone rainbow. Thank you, Anna.

This is "Detail of the polished surface of an Italian table top. (c. 1800), decorated with different geological specimens." It is a part of the National Trust in the UK. 


  1. Yes I do want to be "love". I always describe my grandmother, who died a couple of years ago, as "love with skin". She was the kindest person I've ever known and when I grow up I want to be just like her. I fall short often but I keep trying. Love that kitty stamp!

    1. Was reading late last night and came across some of the best teachings. One was, instead of preaching to people how they ought to be, we should live and show by example. See? That's what your grandmother was. A living example of Love. :)

      Life is a school. We get to redo lessons until we get it right. I often end up in remedial classes because I fall behind, in things like patience, and preferring my own company. :) We can keep trying, or we can give up. Right? I'm with you. Each new day is another chance.