Friday, December 7, 2012

Think I Lost My Mind Up In Here, Up In Here

Has anyone told you that if you lose your mind up in Hallmark, and wind up with the big bag, you will get something for it? A kind of holiday Prozac?

Oh? No one told you? Well, I will. The dose wore off real fast once my girl saw the receipt and the milligrams. They did not cancel each other out. She thinks I learned a valuable lesson though. See how dazed she appears? What big eyes, she has? Well, she sees all, and her name is Truth. Truth said to me, "Girl, go back tomorrow and buy something for ten dollars. Then call it quits."

She shook her head at me 'cause she couldn't shake a finger, and added, "And don't be buying into one liners. They got it wrong. Occasions are, because life finds reasons for them to be." See? I told you the girl is smart.

Sixty-nine cards for different persuasions, and I have addressed this many. That's three boxes and eight singles. Shucks! I forgot "Felice Navidad." Oh, well. There's always tomorrow. But, 69 minus 11, minus 8 separates equals? Not enough. None of the above are addressed to my immediate family. Almost every year I mail 65 holiday cards. That's real time friends, family, plus JC's boss and co-workers and his relatives as extras. To think I used to address envelopes for pay. Oh, my. 

Sorry for the poor shot, but my arm hurts, and I am not about to remove the SIM card from the reader, insert it into My Therd Eye, focus and shoot it again. I know you will like it as much as I do tough. Used to be, I bought at least one ornament each Christmas. Now we're lucky if I . . . Well, never mind. It's cute, huh?

It's the sweetest thing, called "Postal Penguins." 

I like how the two help each other out. And someone needs to help the little one 'cause his list isn't even in an envelope. Can you click on the image and read at least one item on that list? Their mailbox is "something else," as my grandma used to say. I have no idea who(m) I will give it to. Should I keep it for myself? I mean, there's the give-away in five days. I have so many great pen friends, that it wouldn't be fair to give just one, and goodness knows I cannot afford one for each one of you. 

Oh! I got this for Elaine. Think she'll like it? She is a year older on the 12th. The only Beatles recording I have ever bought is Eleanor Rigby. I bought Ray Charles' version first. Last year. Am I in a corner by myself? Is there at least one among you who doesn't have any Beatles music? And why does Hallmark have so much Beatles stuff? I got this mug for my sister because so many of her neighbors are good to her. She called me a couple of nights ago to tell me how yet another neighbor brought her dinner. She said, "Cade, do you think it's because they think I am poor?" I said something along the lines of, "Of course not silly sister! They do it because they are kind and they know you cannot do much for yourself. I call them blessings." So, the mug is a reflection of the many kindnesses in her daily life.

Six pieces of mail went out today. And there was lovely mail in my box! Oh, joy! These guys were too cute to toss, so I arted them up just a bit. Isn't the bow-meister cute? Together, they are the funk-meisters!

Count 'em. Six. I answer from my backlog of lovely mail almost every day. I SMH when I get letters from some of you, wanting to know why I haven't answered. Please, I hope you remember my sister was dying. After she passed I had nothing to write about. But those who know me even a little bit know that I will answer. I'm slowly finding my way back. It just takes time. I killed my Postcrossing account because I couldn't keep up, and it wasn't fair to try and pretend that I could. I almost feel that way about writing letters. I won't pull the plug until after I answer everyone whom I owe a reply. You have my word. Then I went and promised Pamela a letter. Am I addicted? Seriously? Do you think?

P.S. I only lied twice. Karen, it's the truth. I think. 


  1. I am so happy that you are back - I love your blog. I do not have Beatles music either, well except for Imagine and Give Peace a Chance because I won a trip to Iceland for the Imagine Peace lighting on John Lennon's birthday.
    And I am going to rush out this morning and buy the postal penguins keepsake!! It is adorable!!

    1. What a lovely thing to tell someone. :) Thank you. Sometimes I want to quit, then someone writes and I'm off and running. I get a kick out of reading other blogs. Especially when I can't sleep.

      Wow! You won a trip? When? 'Cause I don't know his birthdate. I have those songs on my iPod too but I thought they were his, separate from the group. I so loved what they did for him at the Olympics. You won because you deserved it. :D

      I hope you get one of the ornaments. I keep taking this one out of the box, examining it, and thinking I should keep it. It makes me smile! Let me see yours when you get it, okay?

    2. I won the trip in 2010 for his 70th birthday October 9. The contest was for an IMAGINE Reykjavik slogan and mine was "The Light at the Top of the World". It was a great trip!
      i don't have a blog but I do have the ornament and i discovered a Hallmark store too!

    3. Yay hey for you! I like your slogan too, so kudos for winning.

      Oh, you got the ornament! :D Am happy for you on both counts. I hope it catches on among us.

  2. I haven't been into a Hallmark in forEVER. They have closed so many down, around my house, and it made me sad.
    I'll have to look up a few that are somewhat close to me and see what kind of damage I can do!

    1. I hadn't either Rachel, until yesterday. I buy my Christmas cards and too many gifts there. Ours has changed ownership yet again, and the new owners have made it enjoyable. There are two in Katy, so I go out of my way to visit both. Hallmark earned their name in the past because they were the definition of hallmark. Now their cards are cheap, not so well crafted; their stationery isn't worth the money; their ornaments are second rate when it comes to craftsmanship. The paint on the penguins made me cringe; it was the mailbox that sold me. :)

      If you step inside a store, don't lose your mind up in there. It's easy to do. LOL. Happy shopping. Let me know what you get. Fingers crossed!

  3. Oh no - I so wanted to send you something for your giveaway, but I ran out of time the last weeks and now it's never going to arrive in time! :(
    I'm impressed with the 65 Christmas cards!

    1. Aw shucks Caddi. You never know. Mail is swift during the holidays. Give it a try. Ya gotta have faith!

      Um, those go out every year. I come from a huge family. My grandmother had 10 girls. Plus I have friends from college and art school, jobs, my doctors, my pharmacists, etc.! Wow. That number has gone up since I've begun sending cards to my pen friends. And, I have a sister and a friend in the UK who have birthdays in December. Am trying to keep a count for proof.

      Don't be impressed. :) I get blisters every year. :(

  4. See, it's like going to a grocery store on an empty stomach. You never go to hallmark over the holidays.. But I have an empty tree... I know lets go to the ornament store. Same practice.

    1. For real, it is. I am up in Hallmark's around Easter and at Christmas. I buy my cards there. And gifts for people who have just about everything. :(

      Honest Dodson, D., I only bought a special ornament once a year. The last one was probably the polar bear on a skate board. :) You think you busted me, huh? LOL! our tree isn't even up yet. :P You're getting a lump of coal. And, no, it ain't pressed. No diamonds for you, mister!

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