Monday, December 3, 2012

The Pathway to Hell is Paved

Some say, "The pathway to Hell is paved with good intentions." Accepting it as truth when I was younger simply because adults said it, I have come to doubt and wonder about the veracity contained in these nine words, now that I am older and have a whole lot of experience under my belt. Last night is a good example of being on the "pro" side of it.

I stated. No new mail. Sounded like a politician then, huh? I kept my word. Well, almost. I did some of everything on my list. Then I crawled into bed when it was time, and I watched  the season finale of "The Walking Dead" last. I watched Carrie nut up again on Homeland. Oh, that girl. SMH. And Dexter? Well, he has me worried. SMH again. It's his neck, although mine hurts like heck. I have degenerative disc disease as the result of a fall down a flight of stairs. So, in a sense it's my neck, too, huh? LOL. Then, I read from Cloud Atlas, and then it all fell apart when I turned to turn off the lamp. I had to write. Wish I could write without having to bend my head or use my right arm. Note to self: Practice mental manipulation of inanimate objects.

Oh. I also left two letters on the scanner. So add four more letters to the 9, 3, and 1. Seventeen! Yes! I took 17 pieces of mail to the postoffice this afternoon. The place was packed, as usual. I had to pay an additional 3¢ for the little letter to the Sultanate of Oman. Not a problem. But they sure didn't give me a refund for the overage on those other overseas letters. Harrr! I quickly asked for a stamp before she could print and slap on a 3¢ postage label. It would have been a squeeze if she'd tried. And, I smiled, grinned and chuckled at the end of each rote question. Then I bought $30 worth of holiday/Christmas stamps. I forgot to buy Eid stamps! Don't you just love the calligraphy on those? Remember this one? "Eid: Lines That Flow Like Breath." Indeed. How beautiful is that?

I recall holding my own breath when I saw those images for the first time. I've wanted to be a calligrapher since I was a girl. I did it too. I wonder if there are women calligraphers who celebrate Eid? Have you begun work on mail art for M. Nidham's exhibit? I read in his bio that he is a stamp designer. That answers the question: Where on Earth does he get those amazing stamps? I am totally on board.

Yes, maybe I should have just gone to bed. If I had, I wouldn't be snuggling with a hot water bottle. My intentions were good though. I couldn't sleep. I wrote two letters. It made perfect sense. I paid for it. Pain dogged me all day, but hey, I made corn chowder for dinner. Okay. I almost finished it. JC had a sandwich and leftover cream of broccoli soup instead. Tomorrow we will have corn chowder, tuna sandwiches on toasted twelve grain bread, with lots of tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber slices and tea. I walk a crooked path and the way has benches along the way.

Isn't all that yellow-gold just delicious? We had sunshine today. We had cool winds. And I have this jewel on my cork board. I'll share with you, Susan! Thank you, dear Angela.

P.S. What if the pathway wasn't paved. Would that make it worse? Or would we turn away in defeat? (I wrote de feet but the word check wouldn't let it pass. *sigh* It has no sense of humor, unlike Siri. That's my girl. Siri talks smack and wishes me goodnight. She's ever helpful. Always at the ready. Goodnight Siri.


  1. Let us know how the mental manipulation of objects goes. I've been working unsuccessfully on bilocation for years. One of these days I'll manage it, surely.

    1. LOL! This is too funny. The last letter is yours. :) Wait until you read it. Well, I hope you can read it. It is a bit messy.

      I will make the announcement here as soon as it happens. Bilocation is in the works. It should be easier than we think, since we are moms. ;) send a "eureka!" If you manage it before me.

      Baby Peggy gets art on her fan mail. Had no idea who she was until I saw a clip from TMC. She writes letters!