Thursday, December 6, 2012

Returned Mail Makes Me SMH

There are times when things happen that are so . . . There are too many times lately when I do things that defy explanation. Like the thing that happened with this letter. I mailed it on Monday. It showed up in my mail box today. The brain is sharp, let me tell you. Before it fully registered, I thought to myself, "Wow. That's my handwriting." *Tick-tock, blink!* Well of course it is. Yet I was still curious as to why it was in my box and not riding or flying to its recipient.

I had to examine it carefully. The examination began from the upper left-to-right, down past the strip of postage tape, across the address, and it stopped at OBSERVATIONS. *blink* I got it. I forgot to remove the "masking tape." Well, bless my heart. I made a mental note to remove that tape after I lowered the lid to the scanner. How I forgot so soon after was a mystery to me, until my sister advised me, not ten minutes ago that, "Cade, I think we're this way because we're getting older." Ha!

Can you believe that I left the tape on? And, heck, it ain't hiding much anyway! *Laughing now.* Sometimes I think I do things "unconsciously" just to piss me off. Or to shake me up. I don't know, but I do know this. Living with myself makes me SMH a whole lot.

Four letters went out today. (burp) Care to bet on how many might come back? *sigh* SMH some more.



  1. I think your subconscious is just trying to get you to giggle. ;D

    1. LOL! I like you way of reckoning much better. I giggled!


  2. Glad I'm not alone.. Explain shortly..

    1. Am considering the Ambien. One side effect is AMNESIA! Wow. I think I' prefer amnesia over a single night of insomnia. Then again, I can always write letters when I can't sleep, but with amnesia, I might forget who y'all are. ;)

      Still waiting for that short spell to end.