Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Hoarding

Nephew is with us again. He arrived last night. So, today he went with me to run errands, and to do a little shopping. First stop? The post office. I saw the parking lot before I swung into the driveway. I said to Nephew, "Wow. This place is practically dead. It's usually crowded like crazy at this time of day." I parked. Went inside. Pulled on the door. Nothing happened. Do you know, I pulled on the other door and peered through the crack? People in the lobby looked at me like I was on crack. Yet, no one said a word. I even wondered out loud, "Why are they closed? Is today a holiday? Then . . . Smack! I got it. Today is Saturday. I really must cut back on the Ambien. 

No matter. I counted each envelope as I slid it through the slot. 1, 2, 3, 29. See that brown one? I have a feeling it might come back. *sigh* I put extra postage on it, to the tune of $2. 29. I'd rather err on the side of . . . It arriving? 

I've used two and two thirds boxes of cards, plus the separates, and the holiday postcards; my shoulder is sore, my eyes are dry; the cats are upset cause they can't get to my lap for the lap desk (Almost wrote lap dance.); my writing finger is sore . . . Guess what. I took a photo of each one. No one will receive two. :) 

Guess what else.

I just finished 13 more. All Christmas cards this time. No letters. Each one is special in its very own way. Someone has two. I don't know how it happened, but I look at it this way: It's a double dose of holiday cheer. Right? They won't think I'm senile, will they? Oh! I'm an artist! That excuse is as good as saying, "There goes Limner again. She's an absent minded professor, you know. Always got her nose in a book--learning something new. And her theories are astonishing!"

Guess what else I did. This is the last one. I promise. Ok, don't guess. I'll save you some brain cells. Here goes: I wrote every message, and addressed each envelope IN BLUE INK! No black this year. I broke the rules. I am working for my "Ain't She Peculiar Badge."

Write on!

P.S. I guess I'll have to scan all these too, huh? *sigh*


  1. Oh goody! I do hope there will be one in my stack of mail that falls to the floor when our postman, Joe, delivers next week. We have one of those old fashioned mail slots at the entrance of our house. It was one of the many charms of this old Manhattan Project house my husband bought for me.

    I have no black pens in my pen cup! My rule: why write with black ink when one can have a choice of so many colors? What is your rule on black pens? Do tell.

    1. Oh, wow. I should have kept better records. Scanning takes a lot of time and my shoulder/arm suffers, so I've resorted to taking photos of the fronts instead. :) You know your postman's name? Our mail person changes so often that we don't bother leaving Christmas thank-you gifts any more. And you have a mail slot to boot. We have cluster boxes. They are the worst things the post office came up with for mail.

      Well goodness. Don't let me start a tempest in a tea cup. LOL. I was taught from third grade on, that black ink is the proper color for such things. It's in the little . . . Never mind. :) Yes, I took my business classes and typing lessons seriously. That one rule stuck. Black for things like wedding invitations, holiday cards, and especially business correspondence. I'm a graphic designer, who's done a lot of invitations and the like. People will probably be glad to see a little blue from me after all these years. But ALWAYS do things your way. We're all unique.

  2. Hey Limner,

    Is that Bay State Blue? I love a bright, distinctive blue for Christmas. Use to wrap all my packages in some kind of blue paper instead of red or green. You go girl!!