Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Eat The Elephant, The Elephant Does Not Eat Me!


I can see daylight now, so I'm hitting my stride. I'm having fun. My plate is full, 'tis true, but it's full of elephant for you. Oops. That's a soup bowl. Sorry, but I am not about to go back downstairs for a plate. No, I didn't iron the napkin. Didn't polish the flatware, and the shot is a little off, but this ain't Burger King. Wow. Remember that jingle? "Have it your way. Have it your way." I reached way back for that one, huh? But, like James Bown: I feel good! A day without pain is like a drought ruined by rain.

You are looking at 9 letters, 3 postcards, and 1 package. I will not write a single letter tonight. I want to clean off my desk, watch my favorite shows, stroke Minuet and Simon, and plot tomorrow's course. Hmm. What else? "Let me see," said the blind man, as he groped the elephant.

I eat da elephant. The elephant don't eat me. Tomorrow is mail day. See some of y'all real soon.


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